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The Saints Will Make the Playoffs in 2012

Unless, of course, I'm completely wrong. But you'll all forget about this post by late December anyway, so it's all good.

Mike Ehrmann

After I mention the touchdown Malcolm Jenkins gave up on a missed tackle and his brilliant work to make amends for it on the 95-yard Defensive Play of the Year (yeah that's right, you heard me), and after I mention Joseph Morgan's superman act to score a touchdown while making Tampa's defensive backfield look really bad, there's not really much more to say.

You also probably don't want to hear how The Missus got home late from a family birthday party and dinner was kind of lame, or the fact that I didn't start watching the game until after 6:00 PM (ADT - American Daylight Time) because I was on the road this weekend. So that really doesn't leave me much to talk about, and I definitely don't have anything insightful to add about the rest of the game against the Bucs, so instead...

Here's my road to the playoffs for the Saints:

Week 8: Win in Denver (3-4)

Week 9: Lose to Philadelphia (Andy Reid and Michael Vick are desperately trying to avoid the unemployment line) (3-5)

Week 10: Beat Atlanta in the Dome to end their unbeaten streak (4-5)

Week 11: Win in Oakland (5-5)

Week 12: Beat SF in the Dome because San Francisco is not as good as Troy Aikman thinks they are (6-5)

Week 13: Lose to the Dirty Birds in Atlanta (6-6)

Week 14: Go to New York and beat the Giants because the Giants aren't as good as the New York media says they are (Admittedly, this one might be tough) (7-6)

Week 15: Beat Tampa because Greg Schiano wasn't that great of a coach up here at Rutgers and he's proving that now in Tampa (8-6)

Week 16: Go to Dallas and beat them because that's pretty much what everybody does (9-6)

Week 17: Give Cam Newton something to pout about during the offseason (10-6 to close the season)

New York will win the East. Atlanta will win the South. Chicago will win the North and San Francisco will win the West. Minnesota will be the first Wild Card and, in spite of the head-to-head record, New Orleans will sneak past Washington for the final spot, (which won't be decided until after Cam Newton's press conference where he blames the cheerleaders or the guy at the nacho stand or something).

There you have it, the Saints will still make the playoffs. Unless, of course, I'm completely wrong, but you'll all forget about this post by late December anyway, so it's all good.