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NFL Week 8 Picks and Betting Odds

I went 10-3 last week with my picks so obviously I know what the hell I'm talking about. Fortunately, I share my picks with you again this week. Enjoy!

Chris Graythen

Buccaneers (2-4) @ Vikings (5-2)

Favorite: Vikings by 7

Call me crazy but I'm thinking the Buccaneers are gonna pull this one out, 36-17.

Panthers (1-5) @ Bears (5-1)

Favorite: Bears by 7.5

The Panthers have no chance in this one. And that's a good thing.

Chargers (3-3) @ Browns (1-6)

Favorite: Chargers by 2.5

I'm sure the Chargers will find a way to lose. How does Norv Turner still have a job!?!?

Seahawks (4-3) @ Lions (2-4)

Favorite: Lions by 2.5

Seattle doesn't have the noise advantage of their home field, but they'll still snag the win.

Jaguars (1-5) @ Packers (4-3)

Favorite: n/a

This is another easy game to pick. Packers run away with it.

Dolphins (3-3) @ Jets (3-4)

Favorite: Jets by 2.5

I just love watching the Jets collapse and my NY friends melt down. Let's go with the Dolphins.

Falcons (6-0) @ Eagles (3-3)

Favorite: Eagles by 2.5

I actually can't believe the Eagles are favored in this one. Let's all hope they can pull it out. I doubt they will.

Redskins (3-4) @ Steelers (3-3)

Favorite: Steelers by 4.5

I haven't been impressed with the Steelers. Redskins get the upset.

Patriots (4-3) @ Rams (3-4)

Favorite: Patriots by 7

The Patriots should be able to handle the Rams pretty easily.

Colts (3-3) @ Titans (3-4)

Favorite: Titans by 3.5

This could be a close one. My gut tells me to go with the Colts for the upset.

Raiders (2-4) @ Chiefs (1-5)

Favorite: Chiefs by 2

Oakland beat the hapless Jaguars last week. They beat the equally hapless Chiefs this week.

Giants (5-2) @ Cowboys (3-3)

Favorite: Giants by 1

The Giants are getting hot. They've won their last three. The winning streak continues.

Saints (2-4) @ Broncos (3-3)

Favorite: Broncos by 6

It's gonna be close and it's gonna be exciting but the Saints are gonna win.

Niners (5-2) @ Cardinals (4-3)

Favorite: Niners by 6.5

Arizona has now lost three straight. Their spiral downward will continue this week.