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NFL Week 8: Afternoon Games Open Thread

This is THE PLACE TO BE, chatting with other Saints fan in an Open Thread during the early games of Week 8 as we await the start of the Saints-Broncos game tonight.

This is the sideline dish that brings you sounds of the game.
This is the sideline dish that brings you sounds of the game.

Good afternoon, Saints fans! We have a long way to go until tonight's kickoff in the high and rarefied air of Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium near Coors Mountaintops and Coors Light Fresh Glacier Streams.

Saints vs Broncos coverage

Mile High Report

What better way to spend your afternoon, yukking it up with your buds and bud-ettes while we figure out who we want to win and whom everyone's watching among the non-Saints games on the TV in your neck of the woods?

Here's the nine-game early afternoon lineup:

Atlanta @ Philly

Carolina @ Chi-town

Washington @ Rolling Rock Country

Seattle @ Detroit Rock City

Jacksonville @ Discount Double Check

New England @ St. Louis in London - Cheerio and Pip Pip, Chaps!

Miami @ the New York Football Jets

Indianapolis @ T-t-t-t-tennessee

San Diego @ Cleveland

...and only two semi-late games:

The New York Football Giants @ Dallas Football Cowboys

The Other Pirates @ The Other Redskins

Enjoy yourselves, CSCers!! I'll check in from time to time, but we're on all-day Grandparent babysitting duty, so it'll be sporadic.

And while you're here, if you ever are in doubt about what you should type and post, just ask yourself, WHAT WOULD HANSDAT DO? (WWHDD)

And remember, like Drew Brees says, "ain't gonna tell no lies!"