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Broncos Give Saints Biggest Butt Whooping of the Drew Brees Era: Inside the Stats

Putting this epic loss in perspective with the help of cold, hard, depressing numbers.

Dustin Bradford


Difference in total yards allowed (530) and total yards gained (252) by the Saints, the largest difference since January 6th, 2002, when the Saints lost 38-0 to the 49ers. In other words, this was the biggest butt whooping the Saints have received in 11 years.

1/12 - 8%

The Saints 3rd down conversion percentage on offense, lowest ever in the Drew Brees era.


Times the Saints have lost by 20 or more points in the Drew Brees era.


Average gain per rush, in yards, by the Denver Broncos running backs.

98 and 93

Length of two separate scoring drives, in yards, by the Denver Broncos. The Saints were playing bend then break defense.


Difference in time of possession, in favor of the Broncos.


Countable dropped passes by Saints receivers, one by Devery Henderson, one by Lance Moore, and two by Jimmy Graham.


Drew Brees' passer rating, his worst since the 2007 loss to the Colts, before throwing the touchdown to Graham late in the game.


Peyton Manning's passer rating. He put on a clinic.


Rushing yards by Darren Sproles on four carries.


The Saints red zone efficiency on offense. Something positive!


Consecutive games with a touchdown pass for Drew Brees. The streak continues.