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Saints sign WR Greg Camarillo...Again

The Saints have re-signed WR Greg Camarillo and terminated the contract of CB Elbert Mack.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The Saints just announced that they have signed WR Greg Camarillo yet again. This makes like the 5th time he's been signed this season and we're only four games in. I understand that they need to creatively adjust their roster before each game and they usually do this to help support their game plan for the next opponent, but I don't understand this signing.

To make room for Camarillo, the Saints terminated the contract of CB Elbert Mack. Was Mack that useless? Maybe a better question would be - was he more useless than Camarillo? With the horrific play of the defense lately, I'm having a difficult time wrapping my brain around this transaction.

Are one of our regular receivers injured? Marques Colston was battling a foot injury through the first four weeks, but looked like his formerly reliable self last week against the Packers. None of the other receivers appeared to sustain an injury this last game, unless Lance Moore injured a finger when one of those several dropped passes deflected off of it. Ugh!

What about RB Travaris Cadet? Word was lately that he was getting work at WR. He displayed some pretty remarkable play-making skills during the preseason. At this point and with the team carrying an 0-4 record, why can't they at least try him out at receiver in a regular season game?

I just don't understand what Camarillo can possibly bring to the field. Can someone please explain this transaction to me? What am I missing here?