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Saints Are More Balanced Than You Think

One of the main criticisms against the Saints this year has been the team's lack of balance. I completely disagree.

Byron Hetzler-US PRESSWIRE

The Saints rank 30th in the NFL in pass defense and 31st in run defense. You will be hard pressed to find another team that spreads their generosity so equally between giving up extraordinary amounts of yardage both on the ground and in the air. Because of this balance the Saints defense has achieved, jealousy between running backs and wide receivers has now been completely eliminated.

Many teams in the league actually negate a weak pass defense by actually being able to stop the run, and vice versa. But not the Saints. There is nothing misleading about how bad their defense truly is. After letting opposing quarterbacks throw the ball all over the field on them, the courtesy does not stop there. On those rare situations when a Saints opponent is facing 3rd and short, it can be assumed that the ground game is allowed to pick up what it needs to convert and more.

Due to their inability to stop either the run or the pass, the Saints defense is the runaway leader in finishing last in total yards allowed per game. Right now that number is 474, well ahead of the second-to-last Buffalo Bills, who are only giving up a meager 424 yards per game.

Pete Carmichael, please go talk to defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo on how he was able to do it ,and lets get some balance on your side of the ball.