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Saints vs. Falcons: How You Watching?

Gameday viewing setups are as individual as the fans who create and enjoy them each week, and sharing them here will allow us to grow closer as a community while fostering A/V envy of those who have some serious tech hardware. In other words - BIG FUN!

Does your gameday viewing setup involve flames and a TV bigger than my house?
Does your gameday viewing setup involve flames and a TV bigger than my house?
Tom Pennington

The CSC blog platform brings together Saints fans from all across the globe, which means we have Who Dats both near and far, wherever you are, you know that my heart will go on...(get out of my head with that song from Titanic, Celine Dion!! This is a football post.).

Let me try that sentence again...which means that Saints both in, near, and far from New Orleans gather here before, during and after games to discuss our favorite team. So, it only makes sense that there are a variety of gameday viewing setups people employ in their various locales.

Each week in my early morning Hot Reads post, I typically ask you about what Saints gear you're wearing and what meal/snack foods you're eating for the day, but this time I want to delve a little deeper and allow folks to share more of the nuts and bolts of your gameday viewing setup.

For those in and near New Orleans, are you fortunate enough to have season tickets and/or get to actually go to a few games each year?

If so, then tell us all about your routines for this: do you arrive early and soak up the atmosphere or hit it just before kickoff? Do you cruise the Dome or get right to your seat? Do you buy a game program? Are you alone or with friends/family? Do you have an earbud and audio source to listen to local radio? Do you use a smartphone or camera to capture elements of the "being there" experience?

Others near or in New Orleans may be like those of us far, far away and have to strictly watch on TV or track it on the computer while watching other game(s).

If you're in this group, describe exactly how that works for you. Are you fortunate enough to get the Sunday Ticket, or do you seek out a sports bar/public viewing venue/friend's house? Do you watch alone or in a group? In a living room, home office, or basement-level Saints bunker/man-cave? Do you fire up a laptop and Batman journal/pen (it's NOT a diary) like me, to track stats and keep game notes? Are you on a couch, recliner, or desk chair, or do you switch seats during the game? Is pacing the room ever involved? What kind of TV/sound system is engaged? Are you a screamer, or the quiet, simmering type? Do you ever participate in the game threads here on CSC?

Does the scenario change based on the importance of the game? Do you switch things up, say for instance, when the Saints play HATED RIVAL THE ATLANTA FALCONS or when it's a prime time game?

Let us know how YOU watch the Saints!! I look forward to reading your comments and sharing my own...

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