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Week 11 Early Games Open Discussion Thread

Trying to figure out what to do with the three hours before the Saints and Raiders kickoff later this afternoon? Join your fellow Saints fans in hanging out and chatting about the early games as they unfold in real time!

I hope these early games make for fun viewing.
I hope these early games make for fun viewing.

With the Saints kicking off at 4:05 pm Eastern time, we find ourselves with a bit of stress-free free time this afternoon, so why not waste it here on Canal Street Chronicles?

Saints vs Raiders coverage

Silver And Black Pride


Buccaneers @ Panthers - An NFC South clash - Go Panters!!

Cardinals @ Falcons - Desert vultures vs. urban roadkill.

Packers @ Lions - Can both these teams lose, please?

Eagles @ Redskins - An NFC East snoozer.

Jaguars @ Texans - These two teams are already figuratively miles apart AND they're moving in opposite directions. I don't see how they actually get into the same stadium. Watch the Jags win.

Jets @ Rams - A couple of head coaches who'd do well to stay out of their own ways. Good luck with that. This one will be ugly.

Browns @ Cowboys - No, I was wrong. This one will be ugly.

Bengals @ Chiefs - And no one will be knocking down this game's door to ask her to Prom.

* * *

OK, friends. Have a nice early afternoon and I'll see you around the thread! Who Dat?