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NFL Week 12 Picks and Betting Odds

As if I wasn't awesome enough at picking NFL winners, I'm coming of my best performance ever with a 12-2 record last week.

Garrett Ellwood

Bills (4-6) @ Colts (6-4)

Favorite: Colts by 3

The Colts get back on track after getting beat down by the Patriots.

Seahawks (6-4) @ Dolphins (4-6)

Favorite: Seahawks by 3

If we're lucky the Dolphins will do the Saints a favor and take down the Seahawks but I don't think it happens.

Falcons (9-1) @ Buccaneers (6-4)

Favorite: Falcons by 2

We really want the Falcons to win this one, and I think they will.

Raiders (3-7) @ Bengals (5-5)

Favorite: Bengals by 8.5

It will probably be closer than the spread suggests but the Bengals will definitely win this one.

Steelers (6-4) @ Browns (2-8)

Favorite: Even

Even with Charlie Batch starting I think the Steelers can beat the Browns.

Titans (4-6) @ Jaguars (1-9)

Favorite: Titans by 3.5

The Jaguars are in shambles as a team. They may not win another game this season.

Broncos (7-3) @ Chiefs (1-9)

Favorite: Broncos by 11.5

Every week the Chiefs lose another game I wonder how the hell the Saints lost to those clowns. I will still be left wondering this week.

Vikings (6-4) @ Bears (7-3)

Favorite: N/A

The Bears take care of business at home in the NFC North, helping the Saints make the playoffs in the process.

Ravens (8-2) @ Chargers (4-6)

Favorite: Ravens by 1.5

The Ravens are too good not to win against the Chargers.

49ers (7-2-1) @ Saints (5-5)

Favorite: 49ers by 1

The Saints gets sweet, sweet revenge against the 49ers this weekend.

Rams (3-6-1) @ Cardinals (4-6)

Favorite: Cardinals by 2

Will this be the week the Cardinals finally break their six-game losing streak? Nope.

Packers (7-3) @ Giants (6-4)

Favorite: Giants by 2.5

This promises to be a really good game. Packers are streaking, though, while the Giants are falling. I smell an upset by the visitors.

Panthers (2-8) @ Eagles (3-7)

Favorite: Panthers by 2.5

I bet the MNF scheduling team didn't expect these two teams to be so bad. I think the Eagles suck slightly less.