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Saints vs Falcons Rematch is Too Soon

It isn't fair to have division rivals face each other twice in such a short time span.

Chris Graythen

This Thursday night when the Saints and Falcons play each other in the NFL Network game of the week it will be the second time in less than three weeks that the two bitter rivals will face each other. Being a huge football fan, I will watch as much of the sport as I can and as often. I especially think the NFL's Thursday night game is a nice addition to the viewing rotation, and a good way to kick off a big football weekend.

However, having division rivals play their rematch within such a short time span just seems wrong. For whatever reason it seems to minimize the importance of their first match up, even though the records make no distinction regarding the frequency within a season that two teams face off.

In addition, I think it gives the team that loses the first match up a psychological advantage because the wounds are still fresh and revenge becomes more of a motivational factor. I would much rather see the Saints play the Cowboys on Thursday night and the Falcons on the 23rd for variety purposes.

What do you think?