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Saints Defense Continues to Improve

While everyone is paying attention to myriad failures and shortcomings, the New Orleans Saints defense is quietly getting better.

Kevin C. Cox

I know there's a lot to be upset about from the Saints embarrassing 23-13 loss to the Atlanta Falcons but I hope you noted how well the Saints defense actually played. I sure did.

In last night's game the Saints were able to keep the Falcons from converting only one of their eleven third down opportunities. One. That's usually a stat the winning team will have. Five interceptions from your quarterback will easily negate that, however.

And despite looking absolutely terrible in the early stages of the game and letting Michael Turner essentially run at will over them, the Saints defense allowed only 283 total yards on the day, their lowest total of the season.

It also continues a positive trend in yards allowed for this defense. Take a look at the yards allowed by the Saints defense over the past six weeks. This should make you feel a little better.

Opponent Yards Allowed Time of Possession
Broncos 530 35:14
Eagles 447 33:30
Falcons 454 32:35
Raiders 404 31:24
49ers 375 30:06
Falcons 283 26:16

As you can see I also noticed a trend in opponent time of possession so I just threw that in there but I'm not really sure quite what to make of it just yet. It's gotta be good, though, right?

So take comfort in the fact that if the offense ever gets their s*** together, the Saints might actually win a game.