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NFL Week 9 Open Discussion Thread

No Saints game, no problem. There's NO WAY they can lose today!! Join your CSC family as we discuss the comings, the goings, the highs, the lows, and all the excitement of Week Nine of the 2012 NFL season as it unfolds.

Who is the Headless Saint?
Who is the Headless Saint?
Jed Jacobsohn

Welcome in to the Week Nine afternoon games Open Thread on Canal Street Chronicles. Please conduct yourself accordingly and enjoy yourself as the jocularity, clever insights, and venom (at hated opponents) flow during the games today.

Who are you watching on your TV/computer? Which non-Saints team would you most like to win today? Is there anyone (besides NFC South rivals) you'd really like to see lose?

Here's the slate of early games:

Camrolina @ Washington - The Saints account for half of the combined four wins between these two teams. BAH!

Arizona @ Green Bay - I know someone going to the game, crossing an item off hers and her husband's "Bucket List".

Miami @ Indianapolis - Are you sick of hearing about this battle of the surprisingly "above-.500" teams with rookie QBs yet? And while we're here, let's hear it for the Real Housewives of "Indiapolis" from Jimmy Fallon's late night pre-Super Bowl week. THOSE BABES are hot!

Chicago @ Tennessee - Will CJ2K maul the Bears' defense?

Buffalo @ Houston - A slaughtered species vs. a cow skull. Who cares?

Baltimore @ Cleveland - Remember when these two franchises were only one team?

Denver @ Cincinnati - Will the Broncos get busted coming off a short week?

Detroit @ Jacksonville - Can the Lions survive the raucous and hostile crowd noise sure to be made by all those empty seats?

...and then a table for three in the late afternoon slot:

Minnesota @ Seattle - How can you PONDER passing when you have Adrian Peterson? And just shut up, Pete Carroll.

Pittsburgh @ the New York Football Giants - Folks kept saying the Steelers' throwbacks looked like bumblebees last week, but I felt they looked more like cartoonish prison uniforms. Go to about the 3:00 mark for the Stooges' prison bowling scene.

Tampa Bay @ Oakland - Why can't both these franchises just get lost at sea?