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Saints Defeat Eagles 28-13 on ESPN Monday Night Football: Notes from the Dome

Who is this team and what have you done with my Saints? Even the defense looked good on Monday night against the Eagles. Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to see more of this.

Wesley Hitt
  • Malcolm Jenkins was the featured Saints player on the tickets for this game.
  • Jahri Evans led the Who Dat chant before the game.
  • Steven Gleason was on the sidelines before the game. I found out afterward while checking Facbook that was eventually transported to the hospital during the game because he was unresponsive. He's reportedly fine now.
  • An opera singer sang the National Anthem. When he was introduced to the crowd, they also added that he was known for his incredible rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. He had a lot to live up to.
  • The Superdome was about as loud as I've heard it all season on the Eagles first 3rd down play of the game.
  • Patrick Robinson's amazing 99-yard pick six not only reminded me of Darren Sharper ala 2009, but it was also the most important play of the game, setting the tone for the rest of the night. It was essentially a 14-point swing, because instead of the Eagles scoring (most likely), it turned out to be seven points for the Saints.
  • Sharper was actually in attendance during the game and on the Saints sideline. Joe Horn was also spotted on the sidelines before the game.
  • Chris Ivory - 48 yards. Mark Ingram - 44 yards. Pierre Thomas - 44 yards. This is what I call successful running back by committee. And you've got to the love the balance with 25 rushing and 29 passing plays. They need to do this every. single. game.
  • Let's talk about Mark Ingram. He averaged 6.3 yards per carry, significantly higher than what we're used to seeing from him. He also caught two passes for 23 yards. Many of you might be surprised. I am not. This is exactly what happens when you give the man a chance! Let him get comfortable and into a rhythm and don't just use him exclusively on first or obvious running downs.
  • While I'm ecstatic to see the Saints finally put Chris Ivory to good use, it pisses me off when I wonder what the hell took them so long to do it! Was it injury related or are they really just that damned stubborn with their offensive playcalling?
  • All that being said about the Saints rushing game, I am aware that the Eagles offensive line is just a complete mess. They were already down to second stringers to start the game and then lost RT Todd Herremans during the game. These guys might have been an easy target and not the best opponent to judge against.
  • The University of Louisiana - Lafayette marching band was your halftime entertainment.
  • Man, I'm glad to see Jimmy Graham still putting up good numbers but am I the only one who just can't trust him anymore? He continues to drop easy passes on a regular basis. It's becoming quite a disturbing habit.
  • Wait, how many sacks did the Saints defense get? Six? Three alone for Cameron Jordan? Yeah. the Eagles offensive line is definitely bad.
  • "Number 71 is reporting as eligible. Number 71 is eligible." Did you notice that the tackle-eligible plays are back!?!? That's got to be a good sign, right?
  • Unfortunately, I'm not expecting more of this kind of performance from the Saints this season. I genuinely think this was more about the Eagles being that bad than it was about the Saints playing well. Sorry to be Debbie Downer. Just calling it like I see it.
  • I'm already thinking about spoiling the Falcons undefeated season this Sunday, on my birthday.