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NFL Week 10 Picks and Betting Odds

For the third straight week now I've picked ten correct NFL winners. This is getting ridiculous. I need to take my talents to Vegas.

Kent Nishimura

Chargers (4-4) @ Buccaneers (4-4)

Favorite: Buccaneers by 3

This one could really go either way. Unfortunately, I think Tampa Bay pulls is out.

Titans (3-6) @ Dolphins (4-4)

Favorite: Dolphins by 6

I like Miami at home in this game because they have the prettier uniforms.

Bills (3-3) @ Patriots (5-3)

Favorite: Patriots by 11

The Bills have no chance in hell to win this one.

Raiders (3-5) @ Ravens (6-2)

Favorite: Ravens by 7.5

The Raiders have no chance in hell to win this one.

Broncos (5-3) @ Panthers (2-6)

Favorite: Broncos by 4.5

The Panthers have no chance in hell to win this one.

Giants (6-3) @ Bengals (3-5)

Favorite: Giants by 3.5

New York will want to get back on track after losing to the Steelers in a heartbreaker last week.

Lions (4-4) @ Vikings (5-4)

Favorite: Vikings by 2.5

A battle of NFC North rivals. The Vikings have been the better team this year so I'll go with them.

Falcons (8-0) @ Saints (3-5)

Favorite: Falcons by 2.5

The 1972 Miami Dolphins will be popping the champagne after this one.

Jets (3-5) @ Seahawks (5-4)

Favorite: Seahawks by 6

Sanchez, Tebow, it doesn't matter. Seattle gets the victory.

Cowboys (3-5) @ Eagles (3-5)

Favorite: Cowboys by 1.5

This is a tough game to call because I can't decide which team is worse. This game should be set to Benny Hill music. I think the Cowboys might suck just slightly less.

Rams (3-5) @ 49ers (6-2)

Favorite: 49ers by 11.5

I would love to see the Rams take down the Niners on their own turf, but it ain't happening.

Texans (7-1) @ Bears (7-1)

Favorite: Bears by 1.5

This should be an awesome game featuring two great defenses. The Texans have the better offense, though, and the Bears only have...Jay Cutler?

Chiefs (1-7) @ Steelers (5-3)

Favorite: Steelers by 12.5

I still can't believe the Saints lost to the Chiefs. How is this a Monday night game? Can't they flex this? Steelers win, obviously.