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Tagliabue's Specific Ruling for Each Player Involved in Bounty Scandal

Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue's findings for each player involved in the bounty scandal.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Our man Albert Breer is all over former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue's appeal rulings today and he's got each of Tagliabue's rulings for each player involved up on his Twitter account.

On Jonathan Vilma:

"I cannot, however, uphold a multi-game suspension where there is no evidence that a player's speech prior to a game was actually a factor causing misconduct on the playing field and that such misconduct was severe enough in itself to warrant a player suspension or a very substantial fine."

On Anthony Hargrove:

There is "not sufficient evidence to demonstrate in these unique circumstances" that a suspension is warranted.

On Scott Fujita:

Participation in "non-injury" pay pool is "typically subject only to club discipline", so no conduct detrimental.

On Will Smith:

"Selective prosecution of allegations of misconduct and enforcement of discipline relative to Smith cannot be sustained." Enforcement "does not satisfy basic requirements for consistent treatment of player employees." Suspension vacated.