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Tagliabue Makes Distinction Between Pay-to-Injure and Pay-for-Performance

He gets it! He really, really gets it.

Doug Benc

I'm reading the entire 22-page ruling from Paul Tagliabue as we speak. I just happened to catch this paragraph and had to share with all of you.

In the testimony before me, current NFL executive Troy Vincent, a former outstanding player with the Philadelphia Eagles, confirmed that during his time with the Eagles the defensive backs had created a performance pool that simply covered three types of plays - - interceptions, fumble recoveries and touchdowns - - none of which rewarded the purposeful injury of an opponent. Indeed, Vincent testified that the pool conducted within the Eagles in his career covered both regular season games as well as team practices. Obviously, such a program cannot reasonably be viewed as having been created or managed to injure players.

Thank you, Paul!!! Now can you please explain that to the idiot fans of all the other NFL teams!