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Joe Vitt Wouldn't Let Gregg Williams Stop Bounty Program

Was Gregg Williams telling the truth when he testified that he was shut down by Joe Vitt after suggesting they should end the pay-for-performance program?


According to transcripts from Paul Tagliabue's private appeal hearings, former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams testified that he actually wanted to stop the pay-for-performance system he originally created, after learning of the NFL's investigation. But, Williams says, he was stopped by assistant head coach Joe Vitt.

The transcripts say Williams testified that Vitt responded to a suggestion that the Saints abandon the pay-for-pain setup with an obscenity-filled speech about how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell "wasn't going to ... tell us to ... stop doing what won us the Super Bowl. This has been going on in the ... National Football League forever ..."

Pay-for-pain? Is that what we're calling it now? Not sure I like it; still has a negative connotation. What's wrong with pay-for-performance?

Anyway, looks like we've got ourselves a classic case of he said/she said. I can't even begin to guess who is telling the truth here. This is sure to be just the beginning of many new developments that will unfold and reveal itself now that the bounty hearings have come to an end.