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Saints Podcast: Salvaging the 2012 Season

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Andrew Juge of The Saints Nation stops by and before he gets into the bounty investigation, breaks down the disaster in New York. He details the struggles of the Saints receivers to get open and why it's now time to see if certain guys on the roster can play.

Is Tyrunn Walker worthy of being on an NFL roster? Can Isa Abdul-Quddus and Rafael Bush be an upgrade at safety? And can Joe Morgan be Devery Henderson 2.0?

Andrew also tries to explain Drew Brees' struggles and why Jimmy Graham misses Sean Payton the most. He and Ralph then try to figure out what the hell Roger Goodell accomplished with the bounty investigation (Hint: NOTHING!). Plus, they wonder what football will look like in 10 years.

Listen right now to track #1 below, get the feed right here and/or download it on iTunes right here.

Warning: explicit language and adult content.