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Goodell Shoots First, Asks Questions Never: Saints Podcast

Dave lays out in grand fashion why Roger Goodell went off the rails. Ralph wonder's about Goodell's legacy following the bounty investigation? Kevin explains why Anthony Hargrove was saved by Brett Favre's penis. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at

Doug Pensinger

Dave wants the Saints' 2013 NFL Draft second round pick back. Kevin explains why Goodell's suspension of Payton was more than just business, it was personal, then delivers a righteous rant on how the local media failed. Meanwhile, Mike Florio deserves credit for being hard from the beginning on the NFL in the bounty investigation.

Why Jonathan Vilma needs to press on because he has nothing left to lose. Kevin tries to figure out what's left in the 2012 season and why Chase Daniel needs to get playing time so we can figure out if he's a decent backup quarterback.

Plus, besides rooting against Atlanta who will the boys be rooting for in the playoffs?

Listen right now to track #1 below, get the feed right here and/or download it on iTunes right here.

Warning: explicit language and adult content.