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NFL Week 16 Picks and Betting Odds

Only two weeks remain in the season and I'm determined to finish strong. So here are my can't-miss NFL picks for Week 16. Trust them.

Joe Robbins

Falcons (12-2) @ Lions (4-10)

Favorite: Falcons by 4.5

I'd love to see the Lions upset the Falcons but it won't happen.

Titans (5-9) @ Packers (10-4)

Favorite: Packers by 13

Titans don't stand a chance.

Vikings (8-6) @ Texans (12-2)

Favorite: Texans by 7.5

The Saints need the Vikings to lose...and they will.

Rams (6-7-1) @ Buccaneers (6-8)

Favorite: Bucs by 3

St. Louis takes advantage of a Tampa team in the midst of collapse.

Redskins (8-6) @ Eagles (4-10)

Favorite: Redskins by 5.5

The Redskins can beat the Eagles with either of their two rookie quarterbacks.

Saints (6-8) @ Cowboys (8-6)

Favorite: Cowboys by 3

Gotta go with the upset for the underdog here!

Chargers (5-9) @ Jets (6-8)

Favorite: Jets by 1.5

If they could both lose, these two teams would find a way to make it happen. But they can't so I take the Chargers.

Raiders (4-10) @ Panthers (5-9)

Favorite: Panthers by 8.5

The Panthers have been playing very well as of late. They'll handle the Raiders.

Bills (5-9) @ Dolphins (6-8)

Favorite: Miami 4.5

This one could go either way. I flipped a coin and it came up Dolphins.

Bengals (8-6) @ Steelers (7-7)

Favorite: Steelers by 4

At this point, I don't trust the Steelers. I'm gonna go with the Bengals.

Patriots (10-4) @ Jaguars (2-12)

Favorite: Patriots by 14.5

Do they even need to play this game? Patriots in a landslide.

Colts (9-5) @ Chiefs (2-12)

Favorite: Colts by 7

Colts are the obviously better team.

Browns (5-9) @ Broncos (11-3)

Favorite: Broncos by 13

The Broncos will make it an incredible ten straight wins.

Giants (8-6) @ Ravens (9-5)

Favorite: Giants by 2.5

The Ravens are getting worse and worse. Giants win.

Bears (8-6) @ Cardinals (5-9)

Favorite: Bears by 5.5

The Cardinals? Haha!!!

49ers (10-3-1) @ Seahawks (9-5)

Favorite: 49ers by 1

Damn this NFC West battle is going to be a good game. Seahawks win thanks to the 12th man.