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Saints vs Cowboys Game Predictions

Make your three best predictions about Sunday's Saints vs. Cowboys showdown against other CSC members for a chance to win.

Matthew Stockman

The Saints head to Dallas for a game against America's Team. I know a lot of fans hate the Cowboys with a passion, and for good reason, so I want all of you to channel that anger into our prediction contest this week.

By now you should all know what to do and how to do it, but just in case you don't, you can catch up on the rules of the game right here. As always, all are welcome to partake, including opposing fans. This is a great opportunity for those readers who have never signed up or commented to finally dip their toe in the water.

We've already acknowledged our outright winner from last week but just in case you missed it, here are the three predictions that earned CSC member SaintsFanMD the win, sans vote:

1. Saints never behind in game.
2. Saints get more TO's than Bucs and have more TOP.
3. Freeman sacked more than Brees.

Only two prediction contests remain in the 2012 season so make them count.