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New Orleans Saintspocalypse 2012: Playoffs...or Bust?

With 2012 quickly drawing to a close, and the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012 safely behind us, this author wonders what other CSCers want for their Saints in the final weeks of the season.

I'm going to throw YOU an interception next!
I'm going to throw YOU an interception next!
Chris Graythen

Last week, I asked you to think about and comment on what you thought the Saints should do with their final three games of the 2012 season.

This week, with us having successfully survived the Mayan Apocalypse of December 21, I have another query-based post for you on Saturday, but it's a slightly different query.

After not only making the Buccaneers just walk the plank, but do it barefoot while sliding their feet on the rough wood and getting lots of painful splinters under the skin of their feet before plunging into the shark-infested waters like so much chum to the tune of a 41-0 shutout, the Saints have perhaps shown us a glimpse of the team's potential.

Now that they've shown what they are capable of when all things go their way, does that change anything for you? (but that's not actually the real query of this query-based post)

The real query is: What do you want to happen for your New Orleans Saints in the remainder of this 2012 season? Not what do you THINK will happen, or what do you think is realistic, or within the realm of "likelihood" or some other such crapola, but what do you actually WANT to happen?

As with last week, I give you some options:

Option 1: Win out and make the playoffs - I mean, how can you not want this? Not only is it fun, but it's what every team tries to do each year. And despite all that the team has been through, it's Week 16 and they are still mathematically alive for the playoffs. That used to be a crumb we Saints fans would give our eyeteeth for in Week 16. And heck, once they make the playoffs, anything can happen. Since we don't mind making history, this would certainly be some earth-shattering history making, wouldn't it?

Option 2: Win out and not make the playoffs - This inconsistent bunch of choke artists doesn't deserve to make the playoffs, even if they win their last two games. They had plenty of chances earlier in the year to put themselves in a better position for this, but they failed to do so. It would only be fitting that they do all that they can now but still come up short. And even if they made the playoffs, they'd get clobbered on the road by whatever good team they'd have to face, and nobody wants to see that.

Option 3: Just lose and get 2012 over with, stat - It has been a nightmare bust of a season, and I'm just ready to put it all behind me so I can focus on worrying about something that really matters - whether Sean Payton returns to the Saints or not, and do they have even a hope of reclaiming any of their past glory again before Drew Brees rides off into the sunset.

Option 4: Choose your own adventure - and tell us all about it in the comment section.

I look forward to clever and intelligent banter, or even pointed, unvarnished criticism.

BRING IT, bitches! I can take it.