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Let's Get Physical: Seahawks Provide Example for Saints

If the Saints' defense could get more aggressive, it might compensate for their weaknesses.

Stephen Brashear

For the past few weeks, I have kept close watch on a team that is probably the hottest, scariest team in the league: the Seattle Seahawks.

In the past three weeks the Seahawks, led by rookie standout Russell Wilson, have outscored their opponents 150-30. One of those matchups was a shutout and the other two teams (Bills and 49ers) were held to under 20 points.

Of course a lot has to work out for a team to have such a dominate stretch like the Seahawks, but what stands out the most is their malicious defense. That squad comes ready to play and is not afraid to hit. In the past three performances, they have allowed yardage totals of 154, 333, and 313, and have forced 8, 3, and 2 turnovers in those corresponding games.

The players on this team are not necessarily the most talented, but they are extremely aggressive. Their physicality takes a toll on their opposition and changes the way offenses play against them.

An example of this is the bone-crushing hit that Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor put on 49ers tight end Vernon Davis. He laid a textbook hit on Vernon that ended up putting him out of the game. It was unintentional for Kam to concuss him, but his main goal of setting the tone for the rest of the game was accomplished. If you watched the game, you could tell that the Seahawks were in complete control.

Those hard hits pay off in a game. They let your opposition know that you are coming for them all day. Not to mention, the crowd and the rest of the team get electric.

Unfortunately, the Saints' defense has not been very physical this year. If they could add that fire and aggressiveness to their squad, it could help drastically.