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Burning Question: Which Five Saints Would You Keep?

If you could only keep five players from the current Saints roster, who would you keep?

Hartley wears #5, but would he be in your Top 5?
Hartley wears #5, but would he be in your Top 5?
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday on the, Mike Triplett posed a very interesting question to his readers:

Which five Saints would you keep if you could keep only five players from the current roster? (including injured reserve)

...and it inspired me to ask the exact same question of you, my CSC brethren and sistren, because of the intelligent discussion it will surely generate on many levels.

First, on the surface level, there's the obvious aspect of who the five best players on this Saints team are.

Second, on a practical level, would it make the most sense to keep the five best players, regardless of position, or should position factor into this at all, from the angle of building the rest of the roster after that?

Thirdly, well, I've actually got no thirdly, but maybe you can help out with that as the discussion unfurls like a crisply folded "Who Dat Nation" flag in the Champions Square enjoy the breeze and get busy with your thoughts and explanations...