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NFL Week 14 Picks and Betting Odds

I share with you now my can't miss NFL picks of the week of the century.

Tom Pennington

Broncos (9-3) @ Raiders (3-9)

Favorite: Broncos by 10.5

It's only a question of how badly the Broncos beat the Raiders.

Ravens (9-3) @ Redskins (6-6)

Favorite: Redskins by 3

Can't believe the Redskins are favored in this game. Gotta go with the Ravens.

Cowboys (6-6) @ Bengals (7-5)

Favorite: Bengals by 3

The Bengals are streaking and the Boys are unstable.

Rams (5-6-1) @ Bills (5-7)

Favorite: Bills by 3

If the Rams can beat the Niners they can also beat the Bills.

Eagles (3-9) @ Buccaneers (6-6)

Favorite: Buccaneers by 7

I'm not sure the Eagles will win any more games this year. They certainly won't win this one.

Falcons (11-1) @ Panthers (3-9)

Favorite: Falcons by 3.5

I would love to see the Panthers take down the Falcons but it ain't happening.

Chiefs (2-10) @ Browns (4-8)

Favorite: Browns by 6.5

The Chiefs get back to their losing ways this week.

Chargers (4-8) @ Steelers (7-5)

Favorite: n/a

The Steelers always find a way to win. The Chargers always find a way to lose.

Titans (4-8) @ Colts (8-4)

Favorite: Colts by 6

Definitely gotta go with the Colts.

Jets (5-7) @ Jaguars (2-10)

Favorite: Jets by 2.5

The Jets could barely beat the Cardinals and they'll probably lose to the Jaguars.

Bears (8-4) @ Vikings (6-6)

Favorite: Bears by 3

I don't trust the Bears anymore. Vikings surprise.

Dolphins (5-7) @ 49ers (8-3-1)

Favorite: 49ers by 10

The 49ers get back on track after losing to the Rams.

Cardinals (4-8) @ Seahawks (7-5)

Favorite: Seahawks by 10

This current Cardinals losing streak is getting laughable. It continues this week.

Saints (5-7) @ GIants (7-5)

Favorite: Giants by 5

As much as I'd love to go with the Saints, I just can't.

Lions (4-8) @ Packers (8-4)

Favorite: Packers by 7

Packers keep rolling.

Texans (11-1) @ Patriots (9-3)

Favorite: Patriots by 3

This is gonna be an awesome game. I'm going with the underdog Texans.