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Saints vs Giants Pregame Podcast

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Wesley Hitt

Dave and Kevin stop by and the boys try to imagine how Sean Payton might have reacted last week after watching Drew Brees' poor clock management against Atlanta. Let's just say Kevin's thoughts on the matter aren't fit for children.

And in discussing Drew Brees' failures the last two weeks, Dave comes up with perhaps the coolest rule change in the history of football: the blue flag.

Kevin calls Ralph a hypocrite for his thoughts about whether the Saints can still make the playoffs. The boys then get way off topic and discuss the Hornets rumored name change to the Pelicans, New York Pizza, and Tulane to the Big XII.

Kevin gets things back on track with a brilliant take on the Saints use of Pierre Thomas and compares Dave to Lawrence Taylor. Oh, and they do get around to talking about the Giants.

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Warning: explicit language and adult content.