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Week 14: Early Games Open Discussion Thread

Join your fellow Saints fans, friends, and CSC members in a live chat as the early games unfold in Week 14 of the 2012 NFL season.

I wonder when warm-ups will start today?
I wonder when warm-ups will start today?
Rich Schultz

OK, we've got four hours and 11 games between us and the Saints-Giants kickoff later today. Five of these early games involve teams ahead of the Saints in the wild card race, so you should definitely be following those closely.

What game is on in your area? Do you have the luxury of watching any of the early games, or are you up to your elbows in your "honey-do" list?

It's a mix of both for me...I've got a bit of grocery and workplace Secret Santa shopping to do, as well as some laundry to finish. But we'll have the Rams game on the background, as Mrs. Hans is from St. Louis.

Have a nice afternoon...I'll be checking in from time to time.

Saints vs Giants coverage

Big Blue View

Here's your usual list of the early games, linked to the individual game coverage pages...

Chicago @ Minnesota

St. Louis @ Buffalo

Dallas @ Cincinnati

Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay

Baltimore @ Washington

Atlanta @ Carolina

San Diego @ Pittsburgh

Tennessee @ Indianapolis

Kansas City @ Cleveland

New York Jets @ Jacksonville

Enjoy the games!

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