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Fleur-de-Links: February 15, 2012

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Monday Night Football is moving to a two-man booth with Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden. Thoughts?

Bucs release Albert Haynesworth, in a no-brainer move. Due to make $6.75M with a $400,000 roster bonus on his old Redskins contract

My home away from home

Wanna know how I know is back on his diet? He kissed me this morning. Y does this conclude my theory?Because I was eating bacon.

Does anyone miss football as much as me already?!

Preach on! Tweet RT Just finished talking to high school athletes don't let people tell you what you can't do

Tell me or show me, why you think you're the biggest fan and follow you might win 1 of 5 Saints phones..

": Contemplating going to Mardi Gras O_O" come thru!!

Coach Payton only chews Juicy Fruit gum on gamedays - REPLY with your gameday rituals!

Saints earrings, Saints jersey, Saints cup and Saints hat or headband.

Everyone in the House has to wear anything Saints, If they dont have any we have Extra. Its a MUST!!

My game day ritual is listening to a CD that has nothing but WHO DAT music!! are marching in!

": In the saints facilities with I'm digging this!!! I can play for my city!!! "

my boys got the nice cruisin round the city jam... thanks my dude

Help find a cure for multiple sclerosis. Follow .

If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of. Bruce Lee

Not to go Arian Foster on everyone but here's a photo of the torn cartilage in my left knee from surgical images:

": When I kill mosquitoes, I leave the dead bodies around for a couple of hours to show their friends, what I'm capable of."lol

How clueless I am: met a guy in ESPN green room named "Adrian". Look on TV, see Hannah Storm interviewing Red Sox 1B "Adrian" Gonzalez. Oh.

Big game tonight UNC vs My Canes... Its all about the U

Getting bigger

I'm trying to think of a story in sports that rivals Jeremy Lin's. I can't. How can anyone not root for the guy? His story is remarkable.

Kurt Warner is probably the best comparison. Forgot about him. RT : Hoosiers? Kurt Warner at the beginning?

Saints Ambassador Michael Lewis visited 's Pediatric Ward last week for a Basket of Hope Delivery

I swear people in mia nevr stop working out...

Stanford Routt remains in KC for second day of meetings with Chiefs. Still talking to Bills and scheduled to visit Bengals Fri

Back in the gym. Hope everyone has a great day!

About 5,500 to go.. When I get to 20,000 followers I'm going to sign my jersey and give it to a follower.

That was a great valentines day one for the records... Pot luck v-day... Wit my momma pops gma cuzzo's Kayla and Walter and my bro geoff

Here's the final product! Abstract is good bc there is no such thing as a mistake lol

Linsanity!!!!! Jeremy Lin a beast!!!

Just saw only has 4 k followers. Come on saints fans, we're better than that. Follow Willie!!!! Let's get a retweet train goin

More details emerge about P. Manning's neck issues. News, although not the big piece of news we're all waiting for:


Expect to see more free agent visits to the New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints fans should expect to see some more visits from free agent players, especially on defense, within the next month.

Raheem Morris wouldn’t change anything about his time in Tampa | ProFootballTalk
Six weeks after he was fired as head coach of the Buccaneers, Raheem Morris says he has no regrets. Morris said on WDAE in Tampa that he stands by the way he handled his three seasons leading the team. "I wouldn’t change anything about it," Morris said.

It may take hometown discount to keep Mario Williams | ProFootballTalk
The Texans have salary cap concerns and a lot of key players to take care of. Arian Foster is a restricted free agent. Pro Bowl center Chris Myers is a free agent. Starting guard Mike Brisiel is a free agent. Add it all up, and it will be very difficult to keep Mario Williams.

Cris Carter thinks Hall of Fame voters don’t appreciate wide receivers | ProFootballTalk
After getting voted down by the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee for the fifth consecutive year, Cris Carter says he thinks the voters oppose his position more than they oppose him.

ESPN removes Jaworski from Monday Night booth | ProFootballTalk
ESPN issued a press release on Wednesday entitled: "Ron Jaworski signs five-year extension for new, expanded multiplatform analyst role." They buried the lede. Jaworski's expanded role won't include the job he's most famous for: Monday Night Football.

Smart move for Peyton Manning is to retire - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Since he has accomplished everything on the field, Manning should bypass jumping teams and avoid jeopardizing his health and legacy. - National Football League news

Cris Carter, Randy Moss engage in good ol' feud - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Randy Moss has announced his intention of returning to the NFL after one season off and he’s attempting a... - National Football League news

New Orleans Saints won't be increasing ticket prices for 98 percent of ticketholders - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
There could be an increase for those sitting in an upper deck corner

New Orleans Saints confirm visit by Seattle linebacker Lofa Tatupu - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He didn't play last season and not much in 2010

Retired NFL players still seeking better benefits - NFL -
Lawyers for the retired players referred in the complaint to a 2010 quote from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees that described some of the retirees as coming to the current players and asking them to "please make up for my bad judgment." Brees cited divorces, bad business decisions and an unwillingness to work after football as reasons for financial struggles of some of the former players.

Saints targeting Lofa Tatupu as low cost replacement to Jonathan Vilma?
The New Orleans Saints met with former Seattle Seahawk middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu today, who has not played in the NFL since before the 2011 sea

Saints Blogger Series: 10 Questions With Kevin Held | February

5 Ideal Trade Scenarios for the New Orleans Saints This Offseason | Bleacher Report | Bleacher Report
The New Orleans Saints are not a team that trades very often. In fact, you do not see very many trades in the NFL . For whatever reason, trades occur rarely in the league...

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Time for a look at Wednesday morning’s top headlines from around the NFC South. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have about $60 million in 2012 sa

Leading Questions: NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Does Drew Brees have to throw for 6,000 yards for the Saints to get back to a Super Bowl?