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Fleur-de-Links: February 16, 2012

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Its a beautiful day out here in Chi

At hall of fame barbershop in sobe getting this cut. Might be a premonition.

If these 4 starred in a movie: What would the TITLE be?

Waiting at Baylen's school to pick him up....I have been looking forward to this moment all day! Not sure who is more excited..him or me

Show me a Man that's never suffered a scar..and I'll show you a Man that never given his all..

10 Celebs Who Refuse To 'Fix' Their Teeth - I'm disappointed in this list. Missing a major star UnoWho

": Jonathan Vilma, is now trending in "I'm special again! lol

Is the gone hit us again? Looks like it may

Weird but my ken folk twitter/ instagram keeps linking with my account..

Vilma facts: New Orleans is the best nfl city to play for in the u.s.

Getting fitted for a Tux! So many weddings coming up. I can't wait to get married..

Oh hey there

I cussed more than in our respective interviews with

": Some people stand on you some people stand with u....but loyalty is dead those who have it preserve it" you are right

Which current athlete improves his teammates the most & why? Reply with , and we’ll RT our favorites.

I have been trying to cook more much healthier and more rewarding..what should be my staple meals to cook for the family?

": help him out chef! ->RT what should be my staple meals to cook for the family?" I'm on it

This would be hilarious to watch. Lol! RT I have been trying to cook more much healthier and more rewarding.

learn to rock the crock brother. Can't go wrong with stews/turkey chili/gumbo in the crock pot. All you need is a few recipes

Well, that didn't take long: Free-agent WR Randy Moss has received an offer...from the IFL's Chicago Slaughter.

Check out my Q&A with . I discuss my family, the foundation & working with Vicks:

": Damn! I'm starving. Can someone plz make me something good to eat? " u need a Cookbook

1st Mardi gras weekend... To NOLA

ready to get back to new orleans....

Just finished my workout with at Southlake. Always good to be back at your alma mater! About to head to this business meeting!



Checking out NFC South needs - NFC South Blog - ESPN
For the Saints, the big area of need is the front four of the defense.

Forecasting the franchise tags | ProFootballTalk
Franchise tag season officially starts on Monday, February 20th. Teams have until March 5 to use their tag. Last year, a record number of players were tagged. I'm predicting a new record will be set this year.

Ron Jaworski removed from ‘Monday Night Football’ | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Read 'Ron Jaworski removed from ‘Monday Night Football’' from our blog Shutdown Corner on Yahoo! Sports. Ron Jaworski is out at "Monday Night Football." ESPN announced Wednesday that the analyst would be removed from the network's signature broadcast beginning in August. Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden will operate as a two-man booth. Jaworski will remain at … Continue reading →

Roddy White isn’t thrilled with Roger Goodell’s $20 million salary | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Read 'Roddy White isn’t thrilled with Roger Goodell’s $20 million salary' from our blog Shutdown Corner on Yahoo! Sports. It probably won't surprise you to learn that Roger Goodell makes a lot of money, but you might be surprised at just how much. Pro Football Talk ran an item Monday saying that Roger Goodell, by 2019, will be making … Continue reading →

5Q: Kevin Mathis | Atlanta Falcons
KM: It’s very difficult to say how different the fans are. I’ve been on both ends of it. For instance, my first year in New Orleans, we played Atlanta in New Orleans and at the end of the game, all you could see was Falcons fans up at the top, still screaming, still yelling because they won. It opened my eyes and I said, "Hey, these guys travel all the way from Atlanta down to New Orleans for this game." It’s the same on the other side, where we’ve gotten beaten by New Orleans in Atlanta.

Saints could face choice between free agents Marques Colston and Carl Nicks
My educated guess is this: I don't think both will be playing for the Black and Gold next year and both could leave for greener pastures.

TV Linkzilla Daily: More about the Drew Brees Super Bowl commercial, Rebirth's Grammy return |
Also more about the Clint Eastwood Super Bowl commercial.

Saints Blogger Series: 10 Questions With Grandmaster Wang | February

Graham Motivated for 2012 Season; Looks to Start Foundation for Foster Children

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Let's take a look at the top headlines from around the division. A coin flip on Feb. 24 at the scouting combine will determine if the Carolina Panthe

Russell Wilson ready for big combine - NFC South Blog - ESPN
BRADENTON, Fla. -- What you are about to hear is the answer that any NFL coach or front-office employee is going to get at next week’s scouting

Former LSU football player Chad Jones will be at New York Giants workouts: links |
He will be at Giants workouts

New Orleans Saints increasing ticket prices for a small number of fans
New Orleans Saints increasing ticket prices for some fans in plaza end zone.