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Fleur-de-Links: February 17, 2012


If you go through life and don't have any good days or ALWAYs complaining about sumthin... U need to re-evaluate some things...

Tried to get a photo of but he asked me to get in with him... Shucks

In LA just bought my tickets to watch the show

Just made Kung Pao Chicken....emphasis on the Pao! Too many red pepper flakes. Mental note for next time

In this interview talk about the role technology will play in the future of medicine

Aight las night was cool lot of wandering around but what's goin on tonight for Mardi gras?

So little do I know about this week and yet so much is goin on

What's life without a problem....

For a chance to win this: tweet your best 140-character RHYME about Mardi Gras. Tweet must reference:

Regarding our previous tweet, winner will be announced tomorrow at 9 am CT! Tweet us your most creative Mardi Gras rhyme!

": Dear , please cut your hair or fix it some way. Sincerely, it's just a mess." I got lots of compliments...

Support : Voting for the ends tonight & is 2nd in . Vote:

Got some off the field biz to take care of today! Great day so far. But is stuck in the airport lmao. (dot)com

": what's up bro? You coming out"<~All is good boss, If I was in town for everything I would..but I'm back in Indy

Where am I going for Spring Break?

2nd Home NOLA Lls

My column from today's Times-Pic: Chad Jones' dream of playing in NFL is closer than most would have thought:

Good Morning World..TGIF..anyone make'n plans for the weekend yet?!

One by one...

Met some of the Pussyfooters in the Greasing of the Poles competition... What do you think ?

Gym on this fine Friday, let's get it. Oh ya I almost forgot TGIF! Be cool everybody.


Film of the NFC South chat - NFC South Blog - ESPN
We spent a lot of time looking ahead to free agency and the NFL draft during Friday’s NFC South chat. Let’s take a look at some of the hig

Source: Peyton, Irsay aren’t "negotiating" | ProFootballTalk
When speaking to the media on Thursday night, Colts owner Jim Irsay at no point expressly said that he and quarterback Peyton Manning are "negotiating" a revised contract.

Faulk: A 5,000-yard season "is nothing" | ProFootballTalk
Matthew Stafford became the fourth quarterback in NFL history to throw for 5,000 yards in a season this year. Of course, three were able to do it in 2011 alone. Eli Manning topped 4,900. Aaron Rodgers would have had a shot to break 5,000 if he played in the final week.

Eagles say DeSean Jackson has a bright future in Philly | ProFootballTalk
The Eagles are expected to use the franchise tag to keep free agent receiver DeSean Jackson, but they're talking publicly about getting a long-term deal done with Jackson, not just locking him up via the franchise tender. Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman told Philly.

Adrian Peterson plans to start running by the end of the month | ProFootballTalk
Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says he's making significant progress after having surgery on December 30 to repair a torn ACL. Peterson said he expects to start running on February 28 and is satisfied with how far he has come. "I’m definitely making improvement.

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The New Orleans Saints have one major area of need in the 2012 NFL offseason, and that is the defensive line. However, they have a promising star on the rise at the defensive tackle position...

Andrew Brandt: Wide Receiver Roulette
The longest offseason in major professional sports has begun. While we wait for the next edition of "As Peyton Turns," let's examine a high-profile position group - wide receiver - that offers a substantial amount of talent.

Saints Honor 2011 Saints-NFL High School Coach of the Year

Super Bowl at home: A letter to the editor |

Fans rule! -- Gerry V |
In praise of the audience, the reader ... you!

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Derrick Gunn examines the NFL's top free agents at wide receiver and whether they would be an upgrade for the Eagles over DeSean Jackson.

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Could the Saints trade for Eagles' CB Asante Samuel?

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Time for a look at the top Friday morning headlines from around the division. Mark Bradley wonders if Atlanta coach Mike Smith, quarterback Matt Ryan

Franchise tag for Saints, Falcons? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Starting Monday, teams can begin using franchise tags. They can use that tactic to protect a potential free agent any time between then and the March