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Fleur-De-Links: Saturday, February 18

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Greg Romeus Bourbon.. #MardiGras

Greg Romeus #rip to my kicks last night

Deadspin VIDEO: In light of this morning's ESPN blunder, here's "What about his eyes?" & other Linsanity media missteps

Tracy Porter

Zach Strief "@whoisjwright: Is it racist that I think of @bengraham7 every time I hear a #Geico commercial?" hahaha

Nate BUSSEY #indeed 😃RT @PilarEllis: For any1 who doesn't think these NFL Regl combines can help UR chances (cont)

Johnny Patrick Love is a gamble....

Chris Ivory Hittin the steam room

Pierre Thomas Trying to learn a new language, rosetta stone (español)

Pierre Thomas Y'all saying full sentences... I'm only on my abc's Hahaha jk

Lance Moore Nice little Saturday.

Jermon Bushrod I hate when grown ass people don't be covering their mouth when coughing in public!! #ewwwww

cameron jordan I'm up officially Nd hungry... #riseandgrind

New Orleans Saints Peyton & Eli Manning filmed a PSA this morning for @Team_Gleason

Nate BUSSEY Daddy's little girls are watching Disney on ice Live... They are do excited @BusseyBravo

Ralph Malbrough LSU basketball is officially out of the black hole! 6-6 in SEC! NCAA Bubble HERE. WE. COME.

team gleason Thanks to Peyton & Eli for shooting an awesome #NoWhiteFlags PSA this morning. -SG

team gleason Also thx to @wprieur504 & @Jeremiahfry for hosting & production -SG



Saints Blogger Series: 10 Questions With Dave Cariello |
Andrew Juge

Saints could face choice between free agents Marques Colston and Carl Nicks |
Brian Allee-Walsh - I am writing today using the premise that quarterback Drew Brees will be back with the New Orleans Saints next season armed with a new multi-year, mega-buck contract.

Notable NFL free agents in the 2012 class |
The list of impending free agents features plenty of recognizable names, including Patriots WR Wes Welker. See who else could be on the market come March 13.

Randy Moss A Saint? Why Not! |
Kristian Garic - trying to stir up readers...

Six Questions With Drew Brees | The Balance Sheet
Alllison Winn Scotch - I am wrapping up my celebrity interview series (and this blog...more on that later), and I can't think of a better way to finish up than with New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees.

NFL Scouting Combine Home Page |
Feb. 22-28, 2012 - More than 300 top prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft will be invited to participate at the combine in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Questions surround defensive linemen entering combine |
Bucky Brooks - Is Quinton Coples an elite player? After the Giants' Super Bowl run, every NFL team wants one. Unfortunately, questions abound among defensive linemen in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Talent misevaluation: Why do players slip through the cracks? |
HansDat note: If Michael Lombardi knows this so well, why isn't he still working for a team in the NFL? Whatever. Maybe they can get Matt Millen to sound off on this next.

Chad Jones' dream of playing in NFL is closer than most would have thought |
Jeff Duncan - Betting against Jones would be huge mistake.

Chad Jones To Play Again |
Kristian Garic's radio interview with Chad Jones.

Tirico mum on 'how, why' behind Jaworski's 'MNF' exit |
Mike Sessier

Goodell says NFL committed to keeping teams where they are |
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday that the league is not currently planning on adding new teams, clarifying comments that he made in early February that might have seemed to indicate otherwise.

Rejected by the Pro Football Hall of Fame |
Toni Monkovic - Can you name the following quarterback? He's not in the Hall of Fame but he won a Super Bowl and an M.V.P. regular-season award.

How to Fix Football's Hall of Fame Voting System - The Fifth Down |
Andy Barall, who writes about pro football history for The Fifth Down, takes a look at the recent controversy over Hall of Fame balloting and fairness.


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