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Quick Hits: Random Notes, Observations and Reminders from the Saints Blogosphere

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  • Mark Ingram has been a hot topic this off-season and feelings seem to be divided as to whether the running back was worth drafting in the first round. Sound familiar? I'm really starting to worry that we've got another one of them Reggie Bush situations happening all over again. Personally, as hard as it may be to believe, I trust Sean Payton when he admitted to holding Ingram back and keeping him from being Rookie of the Year. That's the most important piece of evidence in this entire discussion. If not, be sure to buckle up for four more years of constant arguing and strife in Who Dat Nation.
  • Pissed off because the Saints don't have a pick in the first round of this years NFL Draft? No worries, because there's an easy way for the Saints to get back into the first first round of the draft. Just put the franchise tag on Drew Brees and hope another team signs him! Problem solved!
  • Plus, there's one other problem with putting the franchise tag on Brees. It wouldn't completely protect him. Another team could attempt to sign him to a monster deal, but it would cost that team two first-round draft picks. Teams have been hesitant to do that in recent years because the cost is so steep. But this is Brees we're talking about. I don't think many teams would hesitate to cough up two first-round picks for Brees.
    • Just another reminder that we are currently running a contest for anyone wanting to create a visual graphic for some of our regular series of posts like our Fleur-de-Links or HansDat's Hot Reads. Learn more about the opportunity here.
    • In case you missed it, I closed out Andrew Juge's Blogger Series over the Saints Nation and answered ten questions. If you're interested in learning a little more about me, that's a good place to start. If you don't give a crap, and I certainly don't blame you, then move along there's nothing to see here.
    • It never fails that about once every three months someone finds my 2010 Saints draft grades (where I give the drafting of Jimmy Graham a C+ and the drafting of Al Woods an A-) and posts it on some message board or fan forum for all to get a laugh. Rightfully so. It happened again this week when someone linked to it from Saints Report. I've just got to laugh at myself every time it happens. Proof positive that this is just a blog and I am not an expert.
    • Rumors of an NFL team in Los Angeles warmed up over the weekend but Goodell put out the flames quickly. Speaking of Los Angeles, don't forget about my source that claims Super Bowl L will be played in the LA area. The Sporting News recently labeled that possibility as 'slight.' We should find out in May that my source is full of crap.