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Fleur-de-Links: February 21, 2012


I know everyone not in New Orleans wishes they were here today, but it's ok! We gon hold it down for y'all!!

Happy Fat Tuesday, New Orleans. The rest of the country will be celebrating with us I'm sure, just wishing they were actually in New Orleans

Dressing up as Bret Michaels for Mardi gras what do y'all think? HILARIOUS!

": Had a blast with the rooks last night and on Bourbon.."

Happy Mardi Gras!

I have officially been held hostage and forced to go see "The Vow".. ..feel free to keep all comments to yourself..


Mascots Gumbo & Sir Saint in the Argus Parade

Mmmmm crawfish bruschetta!!!

Nola showin so much love las night...

Those interested in a Pro-Bowl guard. RT : Carl Nicks said new contract has to be more than teammate J Evans $56.7 M dollar deal.

I love New Orleans

I was downtown yesterday RT : You gotta get to a parade!

Mayor Landrieu sporting a No. 9 Drew Brees jersey as he greets King Zulu today.

Hope all my people in Nola have a fun Mardi Gras!!!

And to all of my Louisiana fam, Happy Mardi Gras!!!

RT In honor of Fat Tuesday, here's causing an traffic jam in his Mardi Gras float

A member of the Mondo Kayo Social & Marching Club just interrupted Chris Miles' parade report with a "Drew Brees is God!" declaration.


moosedenied " Blog Archive " Throw me something, Mickey!

Lower numbers could lead to record franchise tag designations | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Read 'Lower numbers could lead to record franchise tag designations' from our blog Shutdown Corner on Yahoo! Sports. With the date for teams to tag their best players if they so choose starting tomorrow, one point of interest is that in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the formula to decide what those tag numbers per position will be … Continue reading →

Top 5 NFL Teams Since 2009 by Regular Season Wins - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
1. (tie) New Orleans Saints: 37 wins

New Orleans Saints Hold Long Winning Streak Over New York Teams - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
New Orleans Saints The New Orleans Saints own New York like grandma owns apple pie. (Oops, did I say apple?) Yes, the New York Giants won Super Bowl 46. And Rex Ryan always has the New York Jets in the headlines. However, the Saints have won five straight over both New York NFL... - National Football League news

10 Random New Orleans Saints Facts You May Not Know: Fan's Opinion - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
New Orleans Saints random facts Diehard New Orleans Saints fans probably know most of these random facts. But I'm sure there will be some casual NFL fans who are surprised at some of these random facts. Take a closer look at 10 random New Orleans Saints facts you may not know. - National Football League news

How Should Saints Proceed with Brees, Knowing Franchise Tag Numbers?: Fan's Perspective - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
New Orleans Saints Drew Brees will be a member of the 2012 New Orleans Saints. You can take that to the bank. The question is, will the Saints sign him to an extended contract or will they franchise tag him for one season? The consequences of this decision are holding up what most... - National Football League news

Talk heats up in Pittsburgh that Mike Wallace could leave | ProFootballTalk
Ordinarily, when a team has a good young player who becomes a restricted free agent, that team does what it needs to do and keeps that good young player in the fold. But it's becoming increasingly clear that Steelers receiver Mike Wallace is not in an ordinary situation.

It’s an easy year to avoid overpaying running backs | ProFootballTalk
The best free agent running backs aren't going anywhere. The rest of the free agent running backs aren't too inspiring. Perhaps this is the year where NFL teams realize you don't need to overpay runners in free agency.

Brady Quinn questions Tebow’s humility | ProFootballTalk
We posted an item earlier today regarding some of the major takeaways from Mike Silver's new "oral history" of Tim Tebow. There's plenty of other good stuff that I initially missed. Broncos (for now) quarterback Brady Quinn has a couple zingers.

Cliff Avril says he hopes to remain a Lion | ProFootballTalk
Although Lions defensive end Cliff Avril has indicated that he won't be happy with the franchise tag, he wants to make it clear that he is happy with the Lions, and hopes to stay a happy Lion for years to come. In an interview with Anwar Richardson of MLive.

More on NFC South needs - NFC South Blog - ESPN
For the Saints, Horton has outside linebacker at the top of the list and I couldn’t agree more. Scott Shanle is aging and the Saints never found a solid replacement for Scott Fujita. They have high hopes for Martez Wilson, but I think they’ll add another linebacker in the draft or free agency.

Franchise frenzy: As NFL stars get 'the tag,' Vikings' offseason plans may shift |
Yep, New Orleans is currently having difficulty getting a new deal done for Brees, who has thrown for an average of 4,732 yards and 34 touchdowns in his six seasons as a Saint. And yes, this could have some small trickle-down effect on the Vikings.

Darren Sproles is big time | ProFootballTalk
Setting the all-time record for total yards in a season was cool. Getting your own Mardi Gras float is cooler. Darren Sproles is officially New Orleans royalty after having his own float in Sunday night's Bacchus parade.

Nicks likely to get tag if Brees deal finished in time | ProFootballTalk
Saints quarterback Drew Brees believes he'll have a new contract before free agency starts. If the deal comes in time for the Saints to avoid using the tag on Brees, the Saints will have the flexibility to retain either guard Carl Nicks or wide receiver Marques Colston with the one-year tag.

Saints made offer to Stanford Routt; What about Brandon Carr?
Now that the Chiefs have signed Routt it nearly gurantees that they let starter Brandown Carr, who plays opposite Brandon Flowers, leave the team via free agency.

Tight ends the New Orleans Saints should look at in the 2012 NFL Draft - Who Dat Dish - A New Orleans Saints Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
There are certain prospects at the tight end position that the New Orleans Saints should consider during the third or fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Let's take a look at the top Tuesday morning headlines from around the NFC South. As the Falcons get ready to head off to the combine, D. Orlando Led