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Drew Brees or Not Drew Brees

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What's the hold up? Is it Brees, his agent, or is it Mickey Loomis? Who exactly is to blame for this constant mid-season style indigestion I'm suffering from in late February? I should be enjoying me some Lin-sanity but all I can obsess over is whether or not Drew Brees is coming back. I look in my closet at my Brees jersey and wonder if it will have to move to the unused section next to Bush and Shockey, and then I hit the web again looking for some news.

I catch myself and think: of course the Saints will sign Brees to the long term contract he deserves, and to top it off Carl Nicks will get re-signed along with Colston and Porter. I smile and look forward to the Saints playing in the Super Bowl in New Orleans next year. Then reality sets in once again. Somewhere in the back of my long-suffering mind is the knowledge that I am a Saints fan, and I have absolutely no confidence that everything will be okay.

With a lack of real news from real sources, here are the only logical explanations for the absence of a new contract for Brees:

  1. Talks have been shelved until after Mardi Gras
  2. Brees is waiting to see if his third child is a boy or a girl
  3. Loomis is waiting to see if Andrew Luck or RGIII are available in the draft
  4. Brees is such a magnanimous team player he's letting Carl Nicks negotiate first
  5. Brees is waiting to see if Peyton Manning takes the NY Jets job before settling for New Orleans again

These are all better explanations than the ones I've been able to find, but there's a problem with each one. Brees' already knows his third child is going to be a boy, and the Saints don't have a 1st round pick in this year's draft so it's pretty unlikely either Luck of Griffin will be available. Brees might be waiting for the Saints to settle with Nicks, but Brees' agent isn't, and anyway, as much as Nicks is an incredibly important part of the Saints recent success, he's not Drew Brees. I can't see Brees playing for Rex Ryan, so that option is right out. That leaves the Mardi Gras explanation. I'm sticking with that one even if it is ridiculous.

I'm not used to having "good problems" when it comes to football so I can't help but think somehow things are going to go the wrong way. Everyone just assumes re-signing Brees is a sure thing, and maybe at the end of the day the reason for the delay is the lack of urgency because he is a lock, but you'll excuse me if my confidence in "sure things" isn't that strong.

Here's the problem: n ot only can I see Peyton Manning in a Jets uniform, I can see Brees in a Redskins uniform (or some other horrible color combination). Where Manning plays doesn't bother me in the least, but the thought of losing Brees because the two sides couldn't come to an agreement makes me wonder why I put myself through the agony of being a football fan in the first place.

Come on guys, get it done. Or at the very least, leak some news on the negotiations.