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Saints Should Sign Randy Moss

You read that headline right. Say what you will and/or call me crazy. He might not be right for many NFL teams but I think signing Randy Moss is a no-lose situation for the New Orleans Saints.

Before you burn me at the stake, though, make sure you're up to date on the latest Moss news. By now you've assuredly heard that the wide receiver wants to come out of retirement and play football again. But have you heard how much he's willing to get paid? Nothing! According to a Yahoo! Sports source, Moss is willing to tryout for a team without the guarantee of any money:

Moss would be willing to show up for the entire offseason program (all teams are set to start in April). If he doesn't make a team, he would not get paid.

That juicy little nugget of information, my friends, is what you call a 'game changer.'

Given the situation I can't think of a single fathomable reason why the Saints, or any other team for that matter, wouldn't attempt to sign Moss. It's basically a no risk/high reward situation. Out of shape? Cut him. Lost a step? Cut him. And don't give me that 'locker room cancer' diatribe. Bad attitude? Cut him.

I also can't think of a single reason why Moss wouldn't want to play for a Super Bowl contender. Or catch passes from the best quarterback in the league, who just broke the single-season passing record. Seems like the perfect match for a vertical threat like Randy.

So would the Saints ever express interest in the 35-year old future Hall of Famer? Apparently two teams have at least thought about it already. Perhaps the Saints are one of those teams:

Moss, who announced his plans earlier this month to return after retiring from football last August, has received interest from two teams, although neither is the New England Patriots.

You'll remember that the rumors of Randy Moss visiting New Orleans last September turned out to be untrue but hopefully this most recent offering by Moss to try out for free will mean a trip to New Orleans will actually happen. Warm up the fax, Mickey!