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Super Bowl Commercials: HansDat's All-Time Favorites

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Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and with our attention freed up because our beloved Saints aren't playing, we can focus on the cool and fun commercials!! @YAY!!!!!@ #silverlining?

With Dave putting up that easy cash pay ad Friday on CSC, I was inspired to post this story about my all-time favorite Super Bowl commercials.

In my Super Bowl predictions, I forecast that the commercials this year will be just ok, with none that vault into "instant classic" status, so why not engage in some nostalgia and enjoy the good ole days of Super Bowl Ads.

Come along with me across the jump to see my favorites and read a bit about why I like(d) them so much. And after you've seen all those and commented below, feel free to post links to your own favorites and tell us why YOU like(d) them!

TERRY TATE, OFFICE LINEBACKER is my numero uno all-time favorite. Why? Because it combines aspect of football, the Theatre of the Absurd, and Office Space. Those are three things I enjoy separately, and when they're all together in one soft taco - YUM!! And don't forget the cover sheet on your TPS report.

MEAN JOE GREENE, "HEY KID, CATCH." This one hit me right between the eyes when I was a child, and it has stayed with me all these years.

1984 APPLE'S MACINTOSH AD This one also stuck with me, but I must admit that as a 13-year old, I really wasn't sure what it was all about...I mean, I had read Orwell's book and all, but I wasn't really doing much with computers back then.

BUDWEISER FROGS loved this one at first, but then it got old in a real hurry...

USUALLY THEY GO FOR TWO Clever ad with an even cleverer punchline.

SALES ARE DOWN Call me a rube, call me a simpleton, but I do very much enjoy a "silly monkeys in suits" commercial now and again...

* * *

OK, now that I've shared some of my all-time favorite Super Bowl ads, jump in and tell me what you think of them, and let me know what your favorites are, and link to them if they're not already here so we can all enjoy them, too!