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Fleur-de-Links: February 6, 2012

New Orleans Saints legend and father of Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants, Archie Manning walks off the field after the Giants defeated the New England Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI.
New Orleans Saints legend and father of Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants, Archie Manning walks off the field after the Giants defeated the New England Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI.


Malcolm Jenkins
My new boots !

Tracy Porter
Man I am def looking forward to next season.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2012 in Indy yesterday. Congrats again !
cameron jordan

Remember the 1st time u went on a date? Bein dropped off by ya moms. Anybody have their mom go On their first date?

Thomas Morstead
Moving to a new place up 4 stories with the elevator "out of service"

cameron jordan
Remember the first time you broke up wit a girl... How'd you feel? like a jerk? Or a champ?

cameron jordan
Remember the first time u rode on a bus and sat beside a girl u had a crush on...

cameron jordan
What bout that first time you asked a girl out... Remember that feelin...

Darren Sharper
Live from montreal with the best band in the world. Lol

cameron jordan
Remember as a kid when you had seen your first hundred dollar bill and you dreamed of all you could do with it...

cameron jordan
Remember n junior high u thought u was doin it big by kissin a girl...

Jermon Bushrod
Olive garden for a Lil lunch wit my father

Happy Birthday Bob Marley

Dan Wetzel
Tom Brady sat facing his locker, his head down and draped in a white towel, staring ...

Jeff Duncan
Saints, Packers & now the Giants: The NFL is under an NFC rule:

Courtney Roby
Annnnnnnnnnnd the road to Super Bowl 47 starts in 5..4..3..2..1.

Courtney Roby
Mannnnnnn...they got us, but this is definitely how me & my lil momma felt about Super Bowl 46..

Courtney Roby
But seriously tho, congrats to the SB46 Champions New York Giants..I am so proud of MY city for how well everything was handled...

Johnny Patrick
It could only be one winner.... Hold your heads high.... Make somebody smile today...

Jonathan Vilma
Who's workin...

Adam Schefter
Eli Manning became fifth QB with at least 2 Super Bowl MVPs, joining Joe Montana (3), Bart Starr (2), Terry Bradshaw (2) and Tom Brady (2).

Drew Brees will be next, Adam!

team gleason
Most wise men suggest that we learn most when we help others... I've learned the most as I let

Adam Schefter
Every NFL official and media person I spoke with agreed Indianapolis should become a regular part of Super-Bowl rotation. Super job, Indy.


New York Giants, New England Patriots face offseason after Super Bowl XLVI - Don Banks -
The Saints have twice already had the "privilege'' of being the road team in the Thursday night kickoff opener (in 2007 at Indy, and in 2011 at Green Bay), so I can't see the NFL asking them to play that role once again. That probably spells the Packers drawing the assignment, in a matchup of the most recent two Super Bowl champions. It's a grudge match as well, because twice in the past five seasons, New York has knocked Green Bay out of the playoffs at Lambeau Field.

Madonna rocks the house, but those boots weren't made for dancing |
At least once, she stumbled in the thigh-high heels, and her dancing was stiff, likely because she could barely bend her knees.

Super Bowl XLVI tops audience record; Eli Manning to appear on 'Late Show' |
'Late Show' scheduled to air at 10:35 p.m. Monday (Feb. 6) on WWL-TV.

Don't forget about New Orleans Saints defensive end Greg Romeus
New Orleans Saints defensive end Greg Romeus could make a big comeback in the upcoming season for the Saints defensive line.

NFL returns in New York, on September 6 | ProFootballTalk
So chances are it’ll be the Steelers, Saints, or Packers.

Next year’s Pro Bowl likely headed to New Orleans | ProFootballTalk
The report regarding possible cancellation of the Pro Bowl reminded me of something I've heard consistently this week from sources who are in the know. Next year's Pro Bowl likely will be played in New Orleans, site of Super Bowl XLVII. If it's played. And the players won't like that.

New York Giants prove resilient again in Super Bowl XLVI win vs. New England Patriots - Don Banks -
INDIANAPOLIS -- Musings, observations and the occasional insight as we digest the Giants' impossibly dramatic and gritty 21-17 defeat of the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI Sunday night in Lucas Oil Stadium. As it turns out, it was a rematch, and a redux, indeed...

Check out NBC's feature on former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Let us know what you think of the story

NFC continues to flex its muscles in the Super Bowl |
The AFC has lost four of the past five Super Bowls

Boy were those 2007 New Orleans Saints predictions wrong - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Doom and gloom of Saints fans captured in NFL Network ad

Super Bowl commercials countdown: Who's No. 1? |
What were your favorites? Cast a vote in our reader poll.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning reflects on MVP performance in Super Bowl XLVI - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Manning said brother Peyton was proud of him, broke down two big throws with him after game

New York Giants went from low point against New Orleans Saints to high point in Super Bowl XLVI - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Giants became first 9-7 team to win a Super Bowl

FA Watch: Guard Nicks Would Be Biggest Prize

Saints could land another opening game - NFC South Blog - ESPN
But don’t count out the Saints. They also draw strong television ratings and they played the Thursday night opening game at Green Bay in 2011 and hosted it against Minnesota in 2010.

Ellis led NFC South DTs in playing time - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The NFC South is a division without a dominant defensive tackle.