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Fleur-de-Links: February 7, 2012

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NOLA Super Bowl 2013
Volunteer registration for Super Bowl 2013 is NOW OPEN. Visit to sign up or follow for more info!

Malcolm Jenkins
Hanging out at the Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation facility with my good friend Nicole Brown

NFL Films
On this day in NFL history, Eli Manning's older brother Peyton Manning lost to Drew Brees and the New Orleans...
Faux John Madden
Ricky Williams announces he's retiring. Unlike many athletes, Ricky is leaving on a 'high' note.

Lance Moore

Jermon Bushrod
3 games of full court got me feelin like blaahhhh lol

Courtney Roby
..that moment when my daughter stops her mechanical swing, leans over the side & picks up her toy off the ground..

cameron jordan
Hangn wit my grandma and great aunt pauline... Under sad pretenses tho

Tracy Porter
Self-esteem high like 26s

Adam Schefter
One of the great runs in the NFL has come to an end: Ravens running back Ricky Williams plans to retire.

Greg Aiello
In each of Giants' 4 SB victories, they trailed at halftime (10-9, 12-10, 7-3, 10-9). If you're having a bad day, take it as inspiration.

This Friday, will be featured in USA Network's "NFL Characters Unite." Preview:

Jeff Duncan
Eight Tigers on the official NFL Combine invitation list:

Malcolm Jenkins
I been on the move for 7 days straight...l I'm ready to lay it down and do nothing... Maybe work my golf swing

Jason La Canfora
Bucs continue to struggle to get staff together - this time GB blocks TE coach Ben McAdoo from interviewing for OC job. Before AZ blocked...

Jason La Canfora
Its WR coach, John McNulty, from interviewing for Bucs OC. Earlier Pack blocked McAdoo from interviewing for Miami's OC job

Greg Romeus
It was real Vegas.. Back to Nola

Jonathan Vilma
Fighting to be the Best in the Business is the only MOTIVATION needed

Garrett Hartley
Goodmorning twitter.... Rise and shine... Big day today... Cardio, kicking , yoga, weights and then for some fun, an archery competition!!!

Will Smith
Everybody follow big Sed Dome Field Advantage 2013! RT


Saints: Who could stay and who could go - Defensive Line | New Orleans
The Saints' defensive line would seem to have the most question marks. Will Smith? Shaun Rogers? Aubrayo Franklin? Who could return from this group?

League not commenting on possible changes to 12 men penalty | ProFootballTalk
At some point soon, a video will be posted in the right rail with a PFT (Almost) Live take on the late-game penalty called against the Giants for having 12 men on the field.

NFL releases official first round order for 2012 draft | ProFootballTalk
We mostly knew how the first round of the 2012 NFL draft would look already, but it's worth noting the NFL made the first round official on Tuesday. Note that two spots still remain subject to a coin flip. Yep, it's officially draft season. And free agent season.

Hysterical Pats Fan Cries Over ‘Stupid’ Team | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Read 'Hysterical Pats Fan Cries Over ‘Stupid’ Team' from our blog Shutdown Corner on Yahoo! Sports. We know from the hit Hootie & the Blowfish song "Only Wanna to be With You" that the Miami Dolphins make lead singer Darius Rucker cry. And several months ago a mother taped her son crying after a Jets loss. … Continue reading →

Report: Brees’ agent "baffled" at slow pace of contract talks | ProFootballTalk
Drew Brees and the Saints have said so many times that both sides want to get a long-term contract done that it seems like a mere formality that things will get worked out long before it's time for Brees to get to work at the Saints' first offseason minicamp.

Indianapolis upped the stakes for the Super Bowl, but New Orleans wrote the book on hosting |
It comes to New Orleans for 2013

A score for Junior Achievement: A letter to the editor |

Super Bowl XLVI MVP Eli Manning appears on 'Late Show' |
New Orleans native says this championship is for his teammates; watch a clip inside

Mardi Gras parades will pause for Super Bowl XLVII, in 2013 |
A 9-day break in parading will give the city time to turn all attention to Super Bowl XLVII

Let the speculation heat up on the NFL season opener - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

It "killed" Spikes to let Bradshaw score | ProFootballTalk
"I respect Tom Brady and the New England Patriots," Brandon Jacobs told the Associated Press. "He does a great job with the guys he has. But if that was Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers on the other side, with those big play outfits, 57 seconds would have been plenty enough time for those guys."

Plaxico Burress says Saints Drew Brees will be signed by Washington Redskins - New Orleans New Orleans Saints |
When March 13, 2012 hits and NFL free agency begins, there will be a lot of people running around with excitement and nervousness. Many people in New Orleans ha

Saints Nation's Top 10 Plays of the Saints' 2011 Season: #2 4th and Inches Stop @ Falcons | February

New Orleans Saints remove seven from Injured Reserve list
The New Orleans Saints made several roster moves Monday removing seven players from the Injured Reserve list. LB Jermiha Hunter (Achilles), WR Joseph M


Two Years Ago Today: Porter to the House

Two Years Ago Today: Saints Surprise