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Fleur-de-Links: February 9, 2012

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Zach Strief
Good to get back at it today . Way sore... In case you see me walking funny

Looks like Sproles can fly

Johnny Patrick
Workout time.. Always looking to get better at something.....

Johnny Patrick

Johnny Patrick

nfl: Ex-Patriot Harrison hard on Gronk for Super Bowl partying: http://t

Johnny Patrick
Do you question your self before questioning others? Do you look in the Mirror before pointing the finger at someone else?

Johnny Patrick

Lance Moore
Chipotle see u soon!!!

Ok I'm up now... "whoa wait a minute " in my voice.... Are y'all mentioning (cont)

I'm sure u smoked something this morning.... But don't for I was the second fastest LB in the draft (cont)

Zach Strief
Watch it ": Look like u n the OL playing together huh lol@jgoody59: Just got done with my 3 year olds first basketball practice.

Jeff Duncan
Officially in coach-potato mode. Already home & on road to recovery. Dr. Finney is The Man. Thx 4 all the well wishes.

New Orleans Saints
Here is the Times-Pic story & more photos from Lance's visit:

Johnny Patrick
If u had 1 day to live what would u do with your time left?

team gleason
There is nothing that can defeat the love of a strong family. Join the family.

Lance Moore
Oh and don't bother tweeting me to tell me that ur gonna unfollow me. That's lame as hell

Lance Moore
Sorry for that outburst just needed to get that off of my chest. Now back to our regular schedule programming.

Jonathan Vilma
Im trying to stand out, not fit in. All or nuthin next season


Peyton Manning's, Matt Flynn's futures at forefront of NFL offseason issues - Don Banks -
If you think the Saints are letting NFL Offensive Player of the Year Drew Brees get out of town, you haven't been paying attention for the past six years or so.

Roaf wants to be remembered as Saint - NFC South Blog - ESPN
"I’m wearing a Saints hat,’’ Roaf said. "You know things happen for a reason in life and I had to go through what I had to deal with and I needed a fresh start anyway, went through the knee surgery, went to Kansas City and played hard, and I think the experiences made me a better person. I think if I had to stay on that turf I wouldn’t have made it but another year or two but the fact that I went and played on that grass and played well in Kansas City with that real good group of players for those three of four years, I think that’s what solidified and helped me get in this early."

Best value in NFL? Jimmy Graham - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Saints have another potential contract situation percolating. As best I know, there haven’t been any threats or holdouts, but the Saints almost have to do something about the contract of tight end Jimmy Graham.

Vincent Jackson expected to hit open market | ProFootballTalk
The Chargers would have to pay Vincent Jackson a lot of money to use the franchise tag on him -- more than $13 million. That's why he's expected to hit the open market, and he's not expected to stay in San Diego. "I don’t see any way he’s back [in San Diego].

Seattle media makes their case for Peyton Manning | ProFootballTalk
Seattle hasn't been mentioned a lot as a possible landing spot for Peyton Manning, but it probably should be. They have a quality defense, salary cap room, a first class facility, and an owner that isn't afraid to spend. (Or stay out of the way.

New Orleans Saint Lance Moore congratulates Madisonville milk-drinkers - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Madisonville Junior High School wins milk-drinking campaign across southeast Louisiana

New Orleans will split Mardi Gras parade schedule to accommodate Super Bowl | ProFootballTalk
The Super Bowl returns to New Orleans next year, but the timing of the NFL’s title game creates a conflict with the city’s Mardi Gras parade schedule.

Saints Nation's Top 10 Plays of the Saints' 2011 Season: #1 Brees Breaks Marino's Record | February

Belichick Dared Manningham to Beat Him -
Matchups can be important. The Giants had beaten New England earlier in the year, and had come very close to beating the 49ers and the Packers. But the Saints in New Orleans? It seems the Niners did the Giants a favor. As good as the Giants were playing, do you think they could have won in the Superdome?

Saints: Who could stay and who could go - Receivers, Specialists | New Orleans
The Saints have a couple of decisions to make at receiver and one very interesting one to make at kicker this offseason.

Faces of NFC South could change - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Will Smith, Saints. For a long time, Abraham and Smith have been viewed as the NFC South’s top two pass-rushers. But it’s possible they’ll both be gone. Smith’s situation is slightly different than Abraham’s.