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Saying Goodbye to Carl Nicks

Well folks, you can kiss Carl Nicks goodbye. It's lookin' like the New Orleans Saints will allow the best offensive guard in the league to take his talents elsewhere when free agency begins this coming Tuesday.

While on WWL radio yesterday, Nicks was honest about his feelings regarding his future with the New Orleans Saints.

In my mind, I pretty much am gone, to be honest.

That's pretty much the worst thing you want to hear from your favorite team's marquee free agent whom you'd rather see signed to a long term deal. But the Saints haven't reached out to Nicks or his agent at all, so it seems highly unlikely anything is going to happen in these final four days before free agency. Most likely, the team realizes they just can't afford him.

It probably won't take long for Nicks to find a new home once he hits the open market either. It wouldn't surprise me if he got snatched up on the first day of free agency by a team willing to pay him the $9 million dollars a year or so that he's looking for. Can't say I'd blame him for following the money.

So say your final goodbyes, Saints fans, because Carl Nicks' days in the black and gold are assuredly numbered.