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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, March 11



New Orleans SaintsWho do you want to represent the Saints in the @EAMaddenNFL Cover Bracket: @DrewBrees or @TheJimmyGraham? Vote here:

Conan O'BrienIt's very considerate that all theaters showing Project X have a special "Creepy Older Guy" section.

Thomas MorsteadI'm tweeting 30,000 feet above the earth thanks to @SouthwestAir What's up #WhoDatNation Time for a Q&A

Thomas Morstead"@CatfishMatt: @thomasmorstead What's your least favorite stadium to kick in?" San Fransisco....

Thomas Morstead"@KeyRockState: @thomasmorstead @SouthwestAir where ya flyin to?" #NewOrleans

Canal St. Chronicles If Mike Ornstein was never employed by the Saints, why is he wearing standard issue staff gear in this picture? --->>

Canal St. ChroniclesPayton and Loomis seem to have blurred the lines a bit too much. The whole situation is very stinky.

Thomas Morstead"@joemich541: @thomasmorstead are you a better field goal kicker than @GHartley5 is a punter?? #Saints" I think we are both capable backups

Thomas Morstead"@Monedula_: @thomasmorstead @SouthwestAir when will you be in europe and Netherlands by chance?" England in April

Thomas Morstead"@Jyeah15: @thomasmorstead you want in on an indoor soccer league? Get you some fitness my man #theLeg" Haha thanks, can't get hurt

Thomas Morstead"@Gillian_Sarah: @thomasmorstead what's your proudest moment in your career? #WhoDatNation" Being drafted by @Saints and winning SB44

Thomas Morstead"@orangetea22: @thomasmorstead In a regular week of practice, about how many punts do you kick?" Probably 150-200

Thomas Morstead"@RMPreatto: @thomasmorstead have seen any new @Nike uniforms?" Not yet

Thomas Morstead"@whodatholly: @thomasmorstead What is your favorite restaurant/bar in NOLA?" Lucy's

Thomas Morstead "@Drekare504: @thomasmorstead great! Are you ready for 2012 season and how do prep" Not yet, but will be. Lifting, running, and kicking

Thomas Morstead"@whodatholly: @thomasmorstead Do you have pets?" small puppy

Thomas Morstead"@blakekirbyreb: @thomasmorstead if you could play one other sport and be good, which would it be?" Soccer

Thomas Morstead"@ZacKimble: @thomasmorstead who was ur favorite team growing up?" Houston Oilers

Thomas Morstead"@whodatholly: @thomasmorstead What kind/name?" Shitzu poodle mix named Bella

Thomas Morstead"@paul_schuler1: @thomasmorstead have you ever practiced drop kicking a ball for PAT's? @drewbrees " All the time, I'm ready

Thomas Morstead"@BelieveInBrees: @thomasmorstead what's your favorite color?:)" Ref

Thomas Morstead"@KevinKolb: @thomasmorstead What's your favorite non-bar restaurant in #NOLA ?" Irene's cuisine

Thomas Morstead"@setter2394: @thomasmorstead did you want to play for the #Saints when you were a kid?" Grew up an oilers fan

Canal St. Chronicles @thomasmorstead How much bounty were you paid for that TD-saving clothesline tackle on Julian Edelman during the 2010 preseason? ;-)

Thomas Morstead"@therealsherm23: @thomasmorstead how much did you weigh your junior year in college?" About 220

Thomas Morstead"@RickSa1nts: @thomasmorstead if u could play another position which would it be.?" Linebacker like @JonVilma51

Thomas Morstead"@okGirlGO: If You Could Wish 4 Anything...What Would You Wish? @thomasmorstead #WHODAT" SB47 championship in #nola

Thomas Morstead"@Torloves80: @thomasmorstead how old were you when you first started punting?"soccer goalie at 6 years old

Canal St. Chronicles@thomasmorstead Is this really how to pronounce your name? --->>>

Thomas Morstead"@doughrv: @thomasmorstead you said you like running, how many miles per day or week?" Not for distance, I do sprints

Thomas Morstead"@StephenWWFC: @thomasmorstead have you ever been to the UK?" 16 times. Mom is from england

Sedrick Ellis@JonVilma51 i think its official my avi kills yours we think you did some photo shop on it

Thomas Morstead"@LSUguy: @thomasmorstead do you ever punt when playing Madden, or do you go for it on 4th down? haha" Not much of a gamer

Thomas Morstead "@CaroEOliver: @thomasmorstead What should I do for St Pattys next weekend? I'll be in #NOLA for Spring Break." Drinks lots of green beer

Thomas Morstead"@forrest_davis: @thomasmorstead who's your pick to win the march madness?" UNC

Thomas Morstead"@TheArtimus: @thomasmorstead I don't want Jimmy Graham on the Madden cover. What about the cover curse?" Don't believe in that....

Thomas Morstead"@whoDAT_alex: @thomasmorstead , What's your favorite thing about playing for the saints? and the who dat nation?!" Playin in the dome

Thomas Morstead"@uyeniiee: @thomasmorstead what is one of your favorites games you have played in*" NFC CHAMPIONSHIP against Vikings

Thomas Morstead"@HolleyWhitehead: @thomasmorstead Do you have any secret hobbies that you enjoy that no one would ever think?" Eating haha

Thomas Morstead"@Lauren_Pellerin: @thomasmorstead what was the loudest game you have ever played in the dome?" NFC championship

Thomas Morstead"@lindenanderson: @thomasmorstead what's your favorite movie?" Cinderella man

Thomas Morstead"@cmschneider24: @thomasmorstead who's the funniest player on the team?" Jed collins

Jonathan Vilma@SedrickEllis1 don't make me put it to a vote on'll get embarrassed

Thomas Morstead"@JonVilma51: @thomasmorstead @RickSa1nts you're definitely big enough to do it bro" Haha maybe, until you see me run...

Thomas Morstead"@lindenanderson: @thomasmorstead do you have any pregame rituals/superstitions?" Find my family in the crowd...

Thomas Morstead"@mrc9860: @thomasmorstead biggest challenge? punt from inside ur own 5 or down it inside opp 5?" Down it inside opponent 5

Thomas Morstead"@JonVilma51: @thomasmorstead @RickSa1nts lol just kick em down" Will do buddy

Thomas MorsteadOK #WhoDatNation My fingers are starting to cramp, I'm checking out, good talking with all of you. Until next time.... #whodat

Mark Ingram Just left the Kentucky/Vandy game Vandy balled out!! Glad I went..

Johnny PatrickThe more you show someone something the more dangerous they become to you....

Mark Ingram Power nap ✌✌

Mark Ingram I can't nap now Cus I'm watching MSU OSU now. State always been one my fav college hoops teams since @Mateen_Cleaves @mopete24! #FlintStone


Free Agency

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Changes coming? | The Advocate
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New Orleans Saints players competitive against foes, each other |
James Varney - There are a dozen defenders on the New Orleans Saints' roster who were with the team between 2009 and 2011, the period in which the NFL claims the team ran a "bounty" scheme paying financial bonuses for plays that sidelined opponents for all or part of a game.

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