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Colston Re-signing Triggers Wave of Hope

Finally some good news. Tuesday's announcement that Marques Colston had signed a five-year deal was a nice break from the continuous cycle of negative press that Saints fans have had to endure this off-season. I was even beginning to tell myself that the "nothing good lasts forever" principle applies to the Saints success over the last three seasons as well, and I just need to be grateful for the good times (cue in Al Green).

Colston's re-signing, however, seems to have triggered other positive developments and provides hope that the Saints dynsasty quest has not ended. The Saints have brought in guard Ben Grubbs for a visit as a potential replacement for Carl Nicks, linebacker David Hawthorne will also be visiting today, and as I pulled up Canal Street Chronicles yesterday morning, I was alerted to a Times-Picayune article in which a fatigue risk management specialist who served as a team consultant in 2011 claims that a bounty system for injuring players was never in place.

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This is a very good sign. I mean, how can you find a more credible source than a fatigue risk management specialist? It's almost as good as having the tempurepedic mattress salesman in your corner. You just can't keep a secret as big as bounty hunting from someone who knows if you are not getting a good night's sleep. So what if their was frequent side betting between players over individual performances? Is that a crime? There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little friendly wager between friends.

I actually thought that having the 24th ranked defense in the NFL last season would be proof enough that the Saints should be cleared of all bounty hunting allegations, but it's still nice to have a second line of defense as Sleep Pointe Chief Executive Duke Naiphon has provided. The Saints defense is hardly guilty of tackling, much less bounty hunting. Shoplifting charges would be much more accurate, but the defense has even repented their ways in that area since 2009.

I am now expecting the good karma train to keep rolling the Saints way. Over the next week, I anticipate the franchise tage removed from Drew Brees as he signs a long term deal and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announcing that Bountygate was just a big misunderstanding. As compensation for the character defamation the Saints have experienced, the NFL reinstates the first round draft choice that they had traded to the New England Patriots.

The light penalites the Patriots paid for Spygate would be part of the justification, as spying is considered a crime of corporal punishment in some areas. Hell, we may even find enough cap room now to sign Mario Williams and he becomes the franchise's modern version of Rickey Jackson, as new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo finds a way to maximize his pass rushing capabilities. Why would he even want to go play in Buffalo, the team pursuing him, anyway? It's cold and he would then have to worry about the Patriots spying on him twice a season.

And finally for the Minnesota Vikings who had initially brought forth the bounty hunting allegations, you need to be more concerned now with Ndamukong Suh and the dirty play you are likely to encounter from enemies closer to home. Note to Ndamukong Suh: if you ever become a free agent and the Saints are courting you, I didn't really mean that. I actually saw you helping Drew Brees up in the playoff game.

Two Dat!! It's coming.

You can bet on it!