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Fleur-de-Links: March 18, 2012



": Back to Miami in a Skater Cat...125MPH... " bossss

Just spent 70 dollars at Popeyes .... Riddle me that

I love Chicago!! Outside eating at Gibson's...bout to smash this food

I jus got told to hit the diddy bop... What's tha ham is that?

Why is Alex Smith mad at the 49ers? If he had agreed to a deal BEFORE Manning was cut, the 49ers would have never been in the PM sweepstakes

Cooking on the grill in the back Yard... Man Wat a beautiful day for BBQ

Can confirm that, unless he signs in Miami, Alex Smith will make a reverse Matt Flynn trip, and go from Miami to Seattle

Just arrived for some conch and a perfect margarita... supporting a great U former coach!

Here I come

Drew Brees float in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in New Orleans yesterday

My first time boiling crawfish, if they don't turn out good I'm gonna be pissed lol, bc I want them just that bad

Whenever people come up to me and say I look familiar, I always tell them that I'm brother! They actually believe it too!!! Lol!

Bout to go to church today so I can BE the church for the rest of the week!

I smell upset....Boilermakers and the Jayhawks.....tonight. Can't wait to watch

SAINTS: news: Saints players cited in scandal could see delayed penalties
Coach Sean Payton and Saints officials soon will learn their punishment for involvement in the team's "bounty" program, but Steve Wyche reports that sanctions against players could come later.

Saints may have to choose between Brodrick Bunkley and David Hawthorne
But, with limited cap space, the Saints might have to settle for either Bunkley or Hawthone -- not both. So which makes more sense?

New Orleans Saints looking hard at defensive free agents - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Saints seem focused on linebacking core

FREE AGENCY WHEELIN' & DEALIN': news: Grossman says he will be 'a good soldier' for 'Skins
After re-signing with the Redskins, Rex Grossman is realistic about his place with the franchise. Washington will likely draft Robert Griffin III next month, and Grossman is ready to help out. news: Niners' Smith reportedly considering letting go of agent Condon
Agent Tom Condon represents Alex Smith and Peyton Manning -- and that might be an issue since the 49ers are pursuing both QBs. news: Alex Smith meets with Dolphins; QB's 49ers future in question Blogs " Blog Archive Flynn agrees to three-year, $26M deal with Seahawks " Blogs " Blog Archive Peyton Manning takes hands-on approach to free agency "

Miami Dolphins desperate for quarterback; visit with Matt Flynn and Alex Smith
The Miami Dolphins are scheduled to visit with quarterback Alex Smith after visiting with Matt Flynn yesterday.

Jim McMahon says NFL lied to players about brain injuries | ProFootballTalk
"We knew what was going on with pretty much every other part of the body," McMahon said on ESPN’s Outside the Lines. "We knew there was going to be a chance for injury. But we didn’t know about the head trauma. And they did, and that’s the whole reason for this lawsuit. . . . They knew about it and they didn’t tell us. That’s like looking in your face and lying to you. Flat-out lying."

San Francisco 49ers get another wide receiver threat; sign Mario Manningham
The San Francisco 49ers have signed wide receiver Mario Manningham to a two-year deal