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Deadspin Already Starting with the Second-Guessing

In light of today's news that many Saints defensive players and certain coaches established a player funded 'bounty system' for targeting specific offensive players and hurting them, Deadspin recently posted an article titled The Hit That Knocked Kurt Warner Into Retirement Sure Looks Different Knowing The Saints Got Paid To Injure Him.

You've got to be effing $#!&ing me! Listen to this crap...

In January 2010, during the Saints' championship season, Warner was knocked silly by Bobby McCray after an interception in the divisional round. He later tried to return to the game, but departed again in the fourth quarter. He would announce his retirement that offseason.

Let's get one thing straight if we're going to continue having this discussion: that hit was 100% legal. Almost every defensive player in the league would take a crack at a defenseless quarterback. Regardless of what McCray's motivation might have been when making that hit, whether it was extra money or purely instinct, you'll never know. But he did it within the rules. If you've got a problem with it, you'll have to change the rules.

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And y'know who agrees with me? Kurt Warner! The dude who got his ass handed to him...

Warner added, "It was a violent hit, no question. But I also believe it was a legal hit."

News Flash!!! This Just In!!! Football found to be violent sport! [facepalm]

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Warner would probably also take exception to the fact that Deadspin attributes that hit to his retirement...

Warner said the hit against the Saints didn't end his career. "No, absolutely not," he said. "It was a nice exclamation point on it."

Look, I know the second-guessing and Saints bashing will be coming fast and furious in the wake of Bountygate, and I'm not saying it isn't deserved. But at least come at us with legitimate evidence instead of taking the easy potshot.