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Jo-Lonn Dunbar to Visit St. Louis Rams Today

As reported by and other sources, Saints free agent LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar is scheduled to meet with the Rams today.

Dunbar said last week that the Saints are "absolutely" still in the mix to re-sign him, though it's not clear where he fits into their plans. The Saints have been visiting with several free agent linebackers this offseason, including Curtis Lofton, David Hawthorne, Chris Chamberlain and Joe Mays (who since re-signed with the Denver Broncos)

Can the Saints afford to let him go now that it looks like Jonathan Vilma will at least be suspended if not cut from the team? Dunbar filled in well for Vilma last season and seemed like the most logical candidate to assume the starting position at middle linebacker this year. That is assuming he doesn't get suspended as well. Goodell has shown that there's no end to his wrath and I wouldn't be surprised if he suspends every defensive player who played for the Saints over the last three years. He might even lure Darren Sharper out of retirement just so he can have the pleasure of suspending him.