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Fleur-de-Links: March 22, 2012



I know a lot has been going on, but us as players we are going to keep moving forward. And have a great season.. Overcome adversity

The truth shall set u free!! Read the text

Up early trying to reflect on the important things in life. Somehow God will get glorified out of our situation ... Somehow

Just returned from LSU Pro Day in Baton Rouge. As expected, Mickey Loomis & Sean Payton were not among the Saints contingent in attendance.

This wether has been terrible since I've came back from Miami..... Leaving again soon anyway

There's only so many times a man that has done everything he's been asked to do can be disrespected! Guess the GOOD GUYS do finish last....

Off-season workout #4 today

": cant wait for u n ur scumbag teammates to get suspnded and fined. Hopefully cut"cnt wait for u to have more than 6followers

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Lol

Happy Birthday to Chris Ivory () - #29 turns 24 today!

Big Game tonight in New Orleans! returns for the first time to face the Who's going?

Let me stop BS'ing and get in this gym! Rain got me stuck!

Another gloomy day in This too shall pass...

Truth travels slowly and gets weaker as it goes. Suitable lies are strong and run faster...

Early Grind Mode...back me into a corner, I come out swinging..yea the chip is heavy on the shoulder this morning.

Saints Defensive End just said Saints are winning the SB next year.

Our team, our fans, and the who DAT nation will only become stronger through all of this. Coach is a great man and a great leader.

69 dodge charger

Greatest coach I ever played for Sean Payton, this is crazy

Also a great man...

made a good statement.. "They should investigate the whole league" not just put everything on the Saints


Saints will feel the NFL's big hit for a long time –

What's Drew Brees worth? | National Football Post
Now that Peyton Manning has broken the bank, how much should Brees cash in for?

Handwerger: Lying, arrogance brought stiffer penalties than the bounty program | New Orleans
Commissioner Roger Goodell’s powerful message to the Saints – and the rest of the NFL – is that you don’t cross him or the league’s shield.

The morning Saints fans are feeling after the storm | New Orleans
The Who Dat nation was still in shock Thursday morning over the penalties handed out to Saints coach Sean Payton and the team over the "bounty" system.

'Free Sean Payton' movement picks up among Saints fans | New Orleans
From euphoria after their 2009 Superbowl victory to disappointment in the thick of bounty gate, what happens to the Saints is felt throughout New Orleans.

Shockey strongly denies Sapp's 'snitch' accusation |
Free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey vehemently denied the claim by former Buccaneers and Raiders All-Pro Warren Sapp that Shockey reported the New Orleans Saints' bounty program to the NFL.

Video: Is Sean Payton's penalty too harsh? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss the punishments for the Saints' bounty program.

Illinois senator wants hearing on NFL bounties |
The assistant Senate majority leader, a Democrat, wants to examine whether federal law should make such bounty systems a crime

National Football Post offers 'outside-the-box' suggestion to New Orleans Saints: Bill Parcells - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
NFP's Brad Biggs wonders if Saints would consider turning to Parcells as temporary replacement for Sean Payton

STATE OF SHOCK - New Orleans Saints -
NEW ORLEANS -- William Little, a New Orleans Saints fan for more than 20 years, sat at Walk-On’s sports bar and restaurant near the Superdome, angrily picking at his lunch Wednesday. The penalties handed down by the NFL against the Saints for placing a bounty on hard hits had cost him his appetite.

Saints fans share their feelings - New Orleans Saints -
The Sun Herald asked its Facebook friends: "Sean Payton was suspended a year over the bounty system. What do you think of the punishment? Too harsh? Not enough?"

Bounties never an issue for Lions | The Detroit News |
As the Saints bounty scandal rocks the NFL and puts teams and players on notice, Lions defensive end Cliff Avril and three former players claim Detroit's franchise has nothing to hide.

Sean Payton Meets Enemy: It's Us -
Casual fans are where the league's growth comes from. Roger Goodell could not afford to leave the impression that the N.F.L. was lawless.

Fennelly: With Saints blood in water, Bucs must strike |
The Bounty has sailed. Sean Payton and New Orleans sleep with the fishes. There is blood in the water in the NFC South.

Fans deserve more details on NFL sanctions for New Orleans Saints' bounty and cover-up: An editorial |
The actions of Coach Payton, Mr. Loomis and others who continued this reprehensible bounty program and who misled the league and owner Tom Benson showed hubris and a lack of good judgment

New Orleans Saints were 'out of control,' Roger Goodell says - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
NFL alleges that New Orleans defenders targeted players

New Orleans Saints free agent linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar scheduled to visit St. Louis Rams today - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Dunbar had best season for the Saints in 2011

Johnson furious with Payton’s suspension - New Orleans Saints -
Tom Johnson defied odds last season and made the New Orleans Saints roster as a free agent.

Editorial cartoon: Meet 'Lucy' Goodell |
Here's the latest from Steve Kelley of The Times-Picayune