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Fleur-de-Links: March 23, 2012



Can a please explain what operation "Juicy Fruit" is?

is one of the best teammates I've ever had. Sapp should be embarrassed for spreading mud like that.

lmao man I hate y'all for leaving me but have fun for big bro we gon hook up n go again.

Lebron & other members of the Heat pose in hoodies to support Trayvon Martin -

Announced one day after Michael Bush deal. RT : Bears RB Marion Barber has decided to retire from the NFL after 7 seasons.

I'ma be a judge at the College SLAM hosted at Tulane University - get your tickets at it airs live the 29th on !!

who ya'll got in the KU / NCST game tonight? been an exciting tourney so far...cant wait till NOLA next week!!

I'm not adding nobody that's my twitter friend until my drawing skills get up lol y'all sit about to talk about me lol....

Finally nice weather here in new Orleans hit but better then those storms.....

Anyone know where I can get a jawbone jambox in new Orleans? Best buy didnt have them.

": so I was thinking we bring in a yoga instructor during April and may? What ya think?" I'm down

Come out and celebrate the launch of my charity - iCAN Foundation - with me tonight at Rush in Miami!!!

Samuel L. Jackson channels Pulp Fiction in introducing the last night:

what do y'all think of the new ride. I will keep y'all updated after we break it in..

we still haven't had a house warming party Bout time we wreck the course up followed up by a ride in this

Do NOT forget to be thankful for how blessed u truly are. Just remember that it could always be worse!!!

Bout to get a workout in... Gotta grind a lil harder now

Gonna miss this guy.....


The NFL's Punishment of the Saints Is Harsh, Nonsensical, and Hypocritical - Allen Barra - Entertainment - The Atlantic
The charge is nonsense. All these men were doing is what they were paid to do and encouraging their players to do what they were supposed to do.

Saints Bounty Scandal: After Schadenfreude, The Fear Of 'New Orleans Vs. The World' - SB Nation Atlanta
Whatever the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL might have gained in Roger Goodell's dismantling of the Saints' 2012 season might have come at the cost of creating a meaner, polarized and even more passionate Who Dat Nation.

Former NFL tackle Brad Culpepper: We were coached on how to injure opponents – Open Mike – Orlando Sentinel
"We practiced techniques to injure players," Culpepper said. "We would dive on a mat and aim for the knee portion of a pad like it was the quarterback, and we would practice going at that and trying to bust the quarterback’s knee. You knock the quarterback out, you win the game."

NFL investigated Green Bay Packers for 'bounty rule' violations in 2007 - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Packers were not punished after committing lesser infractions

It's time for fans to lift the Saints up: A letter to the editor |
Another type of rebuilding begins in New Orleans today

Jefferson Parish coroner-elect: "Our Saints are not dead" |

Dissapointed Saints fans shouldn't blame the NFL: A letter to the editor |

Place Your Bets: Saints' new Super Bowl odds
After learning that Saints head coach Sean Payton will be suspended the entire season, New Orleans' Super Bowl odds have dropped.

Roger Goodell was right about Saints bounties, wrong to overreact | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports ...
Roger Goodell, beloved commissioner of the NFL (by the way, I do like the work of Goodell, most of the time, anyway), took out his judgmental tire iron this week, and repeatedly struck the skull area of a member organization.

Tracy Porter joins Peyton Manning in Denver - New Orleans Saints -
The Denver Broncos have agreed to terms with free-agent cornerback Tracy Porter, who picked off one of Peyton Manning's passes in the New Orleans Saints' win over the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl three years ago.

Saints' bounty sanctions will help Eagles
Dealing with suspensions to their head coach, general manager and perhaps several players, the Saints' step back in the wake of bounty sanctions will allow the Eagles to move forward in the NFC.

$15,000 Says "Brad Johnson Doesn't Finish This Game": More Tales Of Redskins Bounties
The NFL will tell you repeatedly that it's the cover-up, not the crime. That the harshness of the Saints' punishment is due to the lies and obstruction from the higher-ups, even moreso than the actual bounty program. They'll tell you this because they don't want to have to go around investigating and handing out death penalties to every team Gregg Williams has ever coached.

Free Sean Payton online petition still short of goal |
Supporters of New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton have launched an online petition seeking 5000 signatures. They were short of their goal this morning.

Tracy Porter talks about decision to sign with Denver Broncos, bounty scandal - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He takes issue with 'bounty' label

Appeals court says Mitch Berger's claims against former Saints teammate Kevin Houser are covered by binding arbitration - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Berger, other New Orleans Saints teammates sued Houser over bogus investment

Minnesota Vikings center says Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma should be banned for life - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
His teammate earlier suggested the same thing


Jeremy Shockey Proves He’s Not the Snitch
Feel free to slowly remove the pin out of your Jeremy Shockey voodoo dolls, Saints fans.

NFL Network reprimands Sapp; Shockey wants analyst fired
The NFL Network has reminded Sapp that he is an analyst and not a reporter.

Jeremy Shockey Wants NFL Action On Warren Sapp After 'Snitch' Accusations - NFL Spin Zone - A General NFL Blog providing you all the NFL News, Rumors, Updates, and National Football League News.
Tight end Jeremy Shockey may not come off as the most likable guy, but what happened to him earlier in the week was wrong. NFL analyst and former player....


Pat Robertson: Manning deserves to get hurt after Tebow trade | The Raw Story - StumbleUpon
Televangelist Pat Robertson says that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning should be punished with an inury because the team traded devout Christian Tim Tebow. SATCH NOTE: LOL, Is this guy taking out a bounty on Peyton? Roger, tell him how wrong he is.