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Fleur-de-Links: March 27, 2012



Blank on bounty targets: "Matt [Ryan] wasn't one of the players named." That's because blows and nobody gave a s***.

Great pic of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome last night by David Grunfeld of The Times-Picayune

New York Giants will host the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium in the 2012 season-opening NFL Kickoff game on Wednesday, September 5.

Bad news for Cowboys: As points out, defending Super-Bowl champ is 8-0 hosting kickoff game since games started in 2004.

Hacking away on the golf course... At least it's a beautiful day

How will the bounty penalties effect the Saints' draft strategy? GLS talked to of Saints Nation:

Still reppin in Brasil!!

Falcons owner: Saints' penalties 'appropriate'...

Attention Jackson and surrounding areas, come out tonight to Jackson 10 cinema for a free showing of Courageous; meet me, and my passion.

Tonight @ 6:30 Jackson 10 cinemas, 71 Conrad dr. Tickets are FREE and are going fast. COURAGEOUS is going to be a fatherhood game changer!

": Mr. Irrelevant would be such a sick nick name." Our friend #6 down in Kansas City has that name Ryan Succop

For the final time, the only have one sixth-round pick, No. 179 (from Miami). The pick from WASH in J.Brown trade was conditional.

im n yall idk what to do wit my self!!!

Day 2 Week 2 of offseason workouts... Time to get after it 'tChanged

Sean Payton was humble + unsure of future, including whether Bill Parcells will fill in for 1-yr ban but 100 percent sure he'll coach NO '13

Saints Rooney Rule candidates for max FU Factor: Joe Horn? Dulymus? Hollywood seems pissed enough to make a show of it.

Here is the full draft order for all 7 rounds RT 2012 NFL Draft Order

Correction on previous tweet. Saints only have 1 pick in the 6th round (179 overall). 5 picks total

Payton said he still doesn't know all the guidelines for his suspension.

RT : Percentage chance Parcells is the Saints Head Coach in 2012? ... 56.25%. Roughly.

Payton on Parcells meeting: "For me to be down here, and I didn't call him or try to set up a time to see him I probably get his wrath".

"Brees to Moore. Perfectly thrown. Perfectly caught. When these guys get it going it is just a show" (VIDEO)


Sean Payton's courting of Bill Parcells to coach New Orleans Saints is defiant move toward NFL - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Days after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell meted out a year-long ban to Payton for his "complicity" in bounty-gate, the young coach found a way to reveal this as the joke it is. He reportedly approached Parcells about stepping in this season as interim head coach of the Saints. And just like that, what began as a way to punish New Orleans — and more importantly send a legal message — has instead become a possible tactical advantage for the Saints. They get one of the best motivators the game has seen, and Payton gets to live in Dallas with his wife and kids and watch. There is no bigger non-verbal insult than this.

Sean Payton talks about Bill Parcells, Bountygate - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
“Bringing in Parcells would be the best thing for Sean and for the chemistry of his coaching staff,” a NFL head coach told me here. “I know Sean, and this would alleviate any tensions among the coaches who don’t get the job as interim head coach. It would be a great move.”

Payton Considering Appeal, Will Return As Saints Coach

Parcells says he's talked to Payton, but not Saints | New Orleans
Sean Payton is still trying to figure out his next move, and has reached out to former NFL coach Bill Parcells for advice.

Payton surprised by harsh penalties,100 percent certain he will return to team | New Orleans
Saints Coach Sean Payton broke his silence Tuesday morning when he addressed a small group of assembled media in the lobby of the Palm Beach Breakers Hotel.

In-depth breakdown of Sean Payton's first interview since bounty gate | New Orleans
Read through Garland Gillen's tweets on WWLTV's Storify for an in depth breakdown of Sean Payton's first interview since bounty gate.

Bill Parcells could consider coaching New Orleans Saints, and here's why - Peter King -
PALM BEACH, Fla. -- At the NFL meetings every year, there's a Monday night reception with a band (Adele seemed to be the flavor of the evening last night) and most of the coaches, owners, GMs, league people and media mixing it up. At this little soiree, I got one question about 18 times: "You think Bill Parcells would come back?''

Sean Payton begins next act in his coaching career with interview at owners meetings - Don Banks -

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton not worried about team - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton on Parcells: all just discussions at this point - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton on how the bounty scandal has hit him - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Metarie lawmaker trying to help New Orleans Saints and the fans
A local lawmaker, Cameron Henry, is trying to help head coach Sean Payton,the New Orleans Saints, and its' fans.

The Saints Need Some BPLC | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Sean Payton: I admit that I let my arrogance get the better of me. It's not easy to go from an obscure functionary to a man who everyone hails as a canny

Should Sean Payton skip TV job for a working staycation coaching pee-wee football? |
TVLD: Also new 'Treme' benefit auction item.

Arthur Blank: Saints crossed line - NFC South Blog - ESPN
PALM BEACH, Fla. -- For the first time since the story of the New Orleans Saints’ bounty program broke, we’ve got an NFC South owner comme

Saints set with five picks in April's NFL draft | New Orleans
New Orleans’ first pick will be late in Friday’s third round, pick No. 89 overall. It won’t select again until pick No. 122 in the fourth round.

Mike Brown discusses Saints Bountygate | |
Bengals owner Mike Brown applauded commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of Bountygate, which includes sweeping fines and suspensions of Saints management and coaches.


NFL will open the season with New York Giants against Dallas Cowboys - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
The Saints have been in the game three times