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Fleur-de-Links: March 28, 2012

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do I look suspicious?

NFL rule changes for 2012 announced by the league today: Replay review on all turnovers (no coaching challenge needed)

Also, the playoff OT rule will now extend to the regular season.

Commish says there could be talks about an eventual 18-game schedule late this year or early next year

Kicking it @ Thurman's Cafe

I killed the Thurmanator last year I'm gonna go with the Macedonian this time

": you like your new falcons ball marker? Haha lol" anyone know what this means?

Coming home to see my Fam n get some charity stuff started for June 1/2....

Singing helps reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, increases oxygen to your lungs and helps better posture.

Workout #3 for the week done. Getting ready for 2012

Ppl give you their word and loyalty until a little money gets waved in their face now it's about them not us! Time 2 clean up my circle.

Turns out that former Giants RB Brandon Jacobs and the San Francisco 49ers reached agreement on a one-year deal.

Anyone know where I can get fiberglass supplies in new Orleans? Or are any of you good at fiberglass? Help me out!!

Goodell offers no reaction to what Sean Payton said Tues. Saw media reports but didn't listen to them, Goodell sez

Commish says he hopes to hear from NFLPA by end of the week regarding their recommendation for player penalties from the bounty case

Brees has advanced to the Final 16 of the bracket. He faces Ray Rice in this round. Vote for Brees:

No prob IMO, just get it right RT : Longer games and more ad opps. YAY! RT All turnovers now will be subject to review

Enjoying my time back at Ohio State kicking it with old friends and passing along knowledge to some of the current players!

I'm just happy to talk ball with somebody ... It's been to long

Thank you to all the Madden fans for voting me into the next round of the . Gotta beat Ray Rice this week. He's a stud

Hard work, work hard. NEVER changes

Yes. Just to piss people like you off. RT : Saints fans: Do you want Bill Parcells? Yes or no? Bet you don't

I want a full blown media cryfest with leading it : Saints fans: Do you want Bill Parcells? Yes or no? Bet you don't

Wanna help? Thousands of u have done this. If u havent it's two easy clicks. If u have please RT. A few days left!! -SG

Fxd RT : Legit Media has no idea if Parcells will take job but theyve already got what they wanted most: milked it for 2 days


Bill Parcells feels 'obligation to help' Payton –
The retired coach says he continues to talk to the New Orleans Saints about taking over for Sean Payton.

Malcolm Jenkins Awards Equipment Grant to High School Alma Mater With Support From USA Football

Sean Payton, Bill Parcells talk business over golf - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Asked what it would take to entice the 70-year-old Parcells to return to the sideline, Payton said, “No. 1, this is something involving Mickey and our owner [Tom Benson]. Certainly for a guy like Bill, if this is a possibility down the road, he would want to know all the specifics. But we haven’t gotten to that stage at all.

Saints must jump a few hurdles before choosing head coach | New Orleans
Wednesday morning, the NFC coaches had a breakfast gathering as part of the final day of NFL owners meetings in Florida.

New Orleans Saints should be cautious about deciding whether to try to hook the Big Tuna, Bill Parcells
The bigger the mess, the bigger the headlines, which plays right into a recurring theme for Jupiter's least-retiring of retirees.

Hiring Bill Parcells makes sense for the New Orleans Saints: John DeShazier - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
DeShazier is guessing that the NFL office, and specifically Goodell, is cringing at the thought.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Saints, their fans and penalties - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
He also said he welcomed Sean Payton to meetings Tuesday with a handshake

Atlanta Falcons Coach Mike Smith not perturbed by Saints bounties, but says NFL emphasis is clear - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -

Saints warning no big deal to Lions | The Detroit News |
"I didn't think anything of it," Johnson said. "That's just part of the game. Players get targeted. It happens. People call you out and stuff, but you can't let that change how you play the game. There was some talk (during the week by the Saints) but I didn't pay too much attention to it. "I didn't get hit any harder in that game than any other. I get hit all the time."

No Sean Payton at breakfast - NFC South Blog - ESPN
PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Just a real quick note on the New Orleans Saints from the NFC coaches breakfast at the owners meetings. The Saints weren’t

Saints weren't the only offenders: A letter to the editor |

Carolina Panthers Coach Ron Rivera not disturbed his QB listed as Saints bounty target by NFL - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -


Postseason OT adopted for regular season | New Orleans
NFL owners passed the playoff overtime rule for the regular season Wednesday.

Big Sam's Funky Nation and The Wise Guys Perform at Wednesday at the Square