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Fleur-De-'Bountygate' Links: Sad-turday, March 3


Jonathan Vilma"@sjestus: you guys are nothing but a bunch of no good cheating phonies. You awful people need to relinquish your rings"lol wait on it buddy

Held OverWell the #Saints did say they wanted to model themselves after the #Patriots - #MissionAccomplished

Held Over"@StampedeBlue: Benson should can Payton and Loomis...Payton and Loomis are cowardly chumps" Lucid, reasonable analysis from a Colts fan.

Jake Singer@jonvilma51 you sick f***, your a worthless piece of s*** #die

Stanley Crawford@Harp41 f*** you, @JonVilma51 f*** you, @TheJimmyGraham you're cool, & @sharper42 f*** you

John Vetula@JonVilma51 You and all your teamates who took part in the Favre bounty are punks, if I ever see you upclose I will take leadpipe 2 ur knee

Jonathan VilmaTruly enjoyed those ridiculous tweets today they were pretty Amusing. Loved da support from my tru fans even more tho, Who Dat and go canes!

Tracy PorterMy heart goes out to the ppl in the hoosier state and other areas that have to deal w/ the tornadoes. God bless u all.

Jeff Nash Jr@Harp41 Dude you've finally been busted! I hope you get kicked out of the NFL. You don't deserve the privilege of playing in the league.

Joe StaleyJust seeing all the reports about the Saints D. I knew there was something fishy about getting punched in the face during our playoff game

Held Over"@DanielWaldronJr: To Saints fans...I hate you guys, your poverty stricken city and your fake championship!" Do you do BDay parties?

Jermon BushrodFunny how negativity always sparks ppl interest but if someone talks about charity or foundation work.. It's mostly **crickets**

Held OverIf anyone needs me this weekend, I'll be in the tub. Crying. Listening to Mazzy Star. #Saints #BountyGate

Grandmaster Wang#wemaketherulespal

Lance MooreThankful for another day! Happy Saturday everybody.

Jermon BushrodJust waking up in the morning, gotta thank GOD!!

Johnny PatrickWhy am I up this early.... #mad

Brent CelekThere is a good article on the WSJ about the Saints Bounty program...the best quote "somewhere, Bill Belichick is smiling."

Johnny PatrickGoing to get a slight workout this morning even though I'm suppose to be resting my body,.,,

Mike TriplettThe #Saints aren't being punished so much for what they did on field. It's that they broke rules and allegedly tried to cover it up.

Don BanksSorry, Saints but the everybody-else-does-it excuse is the oldest and lamest in the book. Nixon used it, too, as have many, many since.

Larry HolderWonder if Gregg Williams put a bounty on himself to injure his own crotch?

Tracy PorterSamari says thx guys she really loves the compliments. My lil monster is a handful n asks 1.2 million questions. Any1 want to babysit 4 me?

Jermon BushrodI'm about to go in lol #fattweet #dontjudgeme

skooksReggie Bush gave us Mike Ornstein. Ornstein gave us EMAILED offers of bounties. So, in a way, it really is Reggie Bush's fault.

cameron jordanMy bro jus bought a place n I been helpin clean this whole mornin lol sellers left it soo wrecked o well #riseandgrind

Jay Glazer Just talked w Saints player who candidly admitted to the bounty practice. He praised Gregg Williams (cont)

Jay GlazerAlso, why wouldn't NFL hand down punishment immediately? Doesn't make sense to wait. Act swiftly

Jay GlazerThen don't announce the while affair yet either. Should've announced both RT @Adam_Lefler: (cont)

Jay Glazer Sources now tell me Saints penalty will be handed down prior to NFL Owners mtg that starts last wk of March and possibly within next wk or 2

Jay GlazerOn the news side, was just told the Saints have placed the franchise tag on QB Drew Brees.



For New Orleans Saints, bounty scandal could lead to suspensions, fines, loss of draft picks |
James Varney - The club has not denied the broad outlines of the scheme where Saints defenders pooled money and paid bonuses for hits.

NFL: Saints had 'bounty' program from 2009-11, face punishments |
Sports Network - The National Football League released the results of a lengthy investigation on Friday, which discovered that Saints players utilized a bounty program from 2009-2011.

NFL reports Saints broke ‘Bounty Rule’ | The Advocate
Associated Press - New Orleans Saints players and at least one assistant coach maintained a bounty pool of up to $50,000 the past three seasons to reward game-ending injuries inflicted on opposing players, including Brett Favre and Kurt Warner, the NFL said Friday.

NFL finds Saints maintained illegal bounty program - severe penalties expected |
Bradley Handwerger - An investigation by the NFL has found that former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams maintained a "bounty" program in violation of league rules from 2009-11, including cash for injuring players and knocking them out of games.

In bounty scandal, New Orleans Saints will pay a steep price |
Jeff Duncan - Expect the NFL to make an example out of the Saints.

New Orleans Saints muddy their name for no good reason |
John DeShazier - The label of being a dirty team will linger for New Orleans.

Forecast: Bounty Fest will take down Saints |
Malbrough - March 2, 2012 will be known as the day the party ended. If you think the Saints will come out from the bounty disaster resembling anything close to the 13-3 championship contender they were at the close of 2011 you are fooling yourself.

Bounty Fest 2K9-11 is the latest revelation of a franchise gone rogue |
Bradley Handwerger - Camelot is broken, falling apart and disintegrating in ways that are both shocking and, upon looking back, expected.

Sean Payton’s Hubris, Relationship With Mike Ornstein, Are at Center of Saints’ Bounty Scandal | The Big Lead
Jason Lisk - Hubris–this bounty scandal is ultimately about the hubris of the Saints organization, keyed by their head coach, Sean Payton.

Ex-Saints safety Sharper calls allegations of bounties 'ridiculous' |
Former New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper flatly denied the findings of an NFL investigation that claimed the team instituted a "bounty" program between 2009-2011, telling on Friday that players never intentionally tried to injure opponents.

Players react to Saints' 'bounty' program on Twitter |
News of the Saints instituting a "bounty" program will be a heated debate in the game, judging by the reaction of current and former NFL players on Twitter.

Who Dat fans react to NFL's Saints investigation |
Tania Dall - A little cash incentive to get Saints players to perform on the field is a no-no according to the NFL.

Ex-Patriot Brown 'having a hard time digesting' Saints' scandal |
Troy Brown knows what it's like to participate in a "pay for performance" system. The former New England Patriots wideout and kick returner even knows what it's like to be the money man behind a "kitty" pool.

Hokie Audio: Saints ''not The Only Team'' That Paid Bounties |
One former NFL player says the fact that the league accuses the Saints of setting up a bounty system to pay defensive players to knock opposing offenses out of the game, should come as no surprise. (HansDat note: I have no doubt that this audio is pretty hokey.)

Saints' 'pay for performance' system commonplace in NFL |
Bucky Brooks - The news of the New Orleans Saints operating a "bounty" program from 2009 to 2011 under defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has created quite a stir since the news broke Friday, but I will let you in on a dirty little secret: The practice is commonplace throughout the league.

Ex-Titan Bishop says Williams didn't have bounties in Tennessee |
Gregg Williams' "pay for performance" system during the three years he spent as defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints was not the only "bounty" program revealed Friday.

Saints bounty story worse than Spygate |
John Clayton - As bad as the infamous New England Patriots' Spygate case was in 2007, no one got hurt except teams that lost close games. Placing a bounty on opponents is far worse.

Unfair to criticize Allen in Saints' scandal - NFL Nation Blog |
Bill Williamson - Where does Dennis Allen stand in the New Orleans Saints’ bounty scandal that has rocked the NFL?

What could happen to Gregg Williams - NFC West Blog |
Mike Sando - The question for NFC West observers is to what degree this Saints scandal will affect new St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who held the same job in New Orleans from 2009 through last season.

Saints bounty scandal: What's the proper punishment? |
The Saints maintained a bounty program for three seasons involving players and then-defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. What kind of punishment do participants deserve? Our analysts debate.


Other Stuff That Doesn't Seem To Matter As Much As It Used To

New Orleans Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis disputes alleged comments about Drew Brees |
Mike Triplett - Loomis: 'Great' debate over Brees 'ridiculous'.

New Orleans Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis still focused on free agency, Drew Brees deal |
Mike Triplett - Bounty investigation hasn't derailed Saints from football priorities. (HansDat note - The priorities right now are covering up the bounty program and not talking about the bounty program.)


Who Even Cares About S*** Like This Right Now?

NFL gives guidance to its music hopefuls | The Advocate
Nekesa Mumbi Moody (AP) - Even before Darren Howard entered the NFL, the defensive end had dreams of being in the music business.


V-Roll Roll Call

No Regret For Team Bounties - ESPN Video |
Former Redskins DB Matt Bowen says he has no regrets for team bounties.